Monday, 4 February 2013

Book Review: Now Is Good


I love books. I always have. I go in and out of phases of reading but lately I'm all about buying books.

Don't get me wrong, I have a Kindle and I love it, but its nice to hold a book in your hands, get the smell of the pages and have the motion of actually turning a page, rather than clicking a button... With that said, the Kindle has its positive points too, such as, when I have it in my bag, I have 70, 80, 90+ books in one place without it ever gaining one single ounce!

I was thinking of reviewing the books I read, to see what interest is out there for it. I am currently reading "Assassins Creed: Brotherhood", but I have recently finished "Now is Good" and "Beastly" so I may review them in due course.

Actually. Screw it. I'm going to review "Now Is Good", right here, right now!

Da da da da da daaaaaaaa!!!

<<---    The original cover of "Now is Good", originally released as "Before I Die" (Which I think is a bit of a spoiler, before you even crack the spine...)

Now is Good is classified as a Young Adult (YA) Novel. It details the life of Tessa, a 16 year old girl who, after a 4 year battle with Leukemia, is told that her cancer is terminal, despite her having chemo to battle against it. She, and her best friend Zoey devise a list of things (pretty much her 'bucket list') that Tessa wants to do before she ultimately dies.

The story begins with Tessa laying in bed and refusing to get up. I'm the first to admit I wondered what I got myself into but it picks up from there, I promise!! She is told of the seriousness of her condition early on, and from there on, the books takes off. With Zoey to help her, Tessa tries all manner of things, from sex, to drugs to being a complete idiot (in my opinion). From the start we are made aware that because this is a "Cancer kid" novel, she fears never falling in love, a fear that is poignantly brought to light during one of her early "bucket list outings"...

Part way through the book, Tessa has a moment, wherein she decides to burn things in a fire to rid herself of memories... She looks out her window and sees a garden fire in her neighbors back yard. Anyone can see where this is going, and so she hauls the stuff down and procures a lend of this guys fire. This guy, Adam, becomes a central figure in the story, whereby we learn more about him, and his background, and we get to witness (if that's the right word) the love-story unfold between himself and Tessa, from the beautiful to the harrowing, and all the moments in between.

Adam and Tessa gave me hope, as a very easily attached human, and reader, that love can transcend anything, no matter what. All I can say is, I fell in love with this  book the way the characters fall for each other; and that is unconditionally.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a beautiful, very real story of two people who learn what true love really means.

This cover is the new cover in conjunction with the Movie release of Now is Good, starring Dakota Fanning...  >>

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