Monday, 18 February 2013

Change Is Good

Lately I've found myself very much in a rut. I have two wardrobes full to bursting with clothes, but I seem to go back to the same few hoodies, the same few jeans, shoes and tops all the time.

I need a change.

So no more "trendy shopping" for me for a while, its time to invest in some staples, some tights and some accessories.

I used to have this plaid shirt that I absolutely ADORED but when I started to gain weight I threw it out because it was too tight for me. Now I'm regretting it. Big time.

I used to go (as the Americans call it) thrifting all the time! Not so much anymore. I'm going to start again though. My favorite jeans came from a charity shop in my locality. I've always had luck getting name brands of high end brands in charity shops, too!

Things on my list for SS13;

1-2 Pairs of good quality tights
1-2 pairs of nice leggings
1 pair of high waisted shorts
1 plaid shirt
1 new colorful zip through hoodie,

Some accessories,
Maybe a new pair of shoes??


Anyone have any ideas??!

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