Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I've Had A Little "Me" Time...

...And now I feel much more capable of being there for everyone I love!

This week got off to a bad start but today seems to be making up for it. Its been a very long time since I've had to lock myself into the bathroom and cry. Incidentally, I hope its a long time until I need to again! It wasn't something I felt nostalgic about or anything of the sort, in fact, it gave me a headache that I had for hours later... So at least I am happy about being very level lately! Thanks to Kayliegh for reminding me I'm allowed to have a bad day, I appreciate the reminder.

So between yesterday and right now, things that have made me smile are as follows...

1. Chris.

Chris came and saw me yesterday, and cheered me right up! Very grateful to have a wonderful man, such as Chris!! <3

2. Good Music!!

Yes, I know Ke$ha isn't technically "good" but its got a beat I can dance to, so in my humble opinion, its good!

Dancing makes me happy, happiness is good, er go its good.

3. Helping Good Friends (and often total strangers).

If you ever need me? Tell me!
Need help? Tell me.

I will be there for you.

4, and Finally...

TFioS Nails!!

Inspired not only by this person here on Blogspot, but also by the fact I spent 2 months with acrylic overlays on, in a bid to have lovely long, natural nails. My lovely nail tech, Jenny did these for me and there will be a full post to follow later on, detailing my struggle with nail biting and how I rectified it!!

I'm going to leave you all with a quote to remember, maybe it will get you through the tough times like it gets me through.

"But I'll still believe,
Though there's cracks you'll see,
When I'm on my knees I'll still believe,

And when I've hit the ground,
Neither lost nor found,
If you'll believe in me I'll still believe..."

Mumford and Sons - Holland Road


Le GrĂ¡,


  1. The nails look great. I think your manicurist did the cloud lumps better than I did.

    Very cute couple too. (:

    1. Ah thanks! I'm going to do a full post on these today :D

      Chris will be very happy to hear that lovely compliment. :)

  2. sometimes a good cry is very therapeutic... and well done on finding and reminding yourself of all the things that make you smile

    1. I try to make sure the posts on this entire blog can make me (and others) smile when I need it. Its an insurance policy for me :)


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