Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mani-Q No.1 - The Fault in our Stars

Some back story...

Before Christmas, I went to a nail salon with one motive, and one only. To get some help to stop biting my nails. 

TFiOS Nails

Jenny (my manicurist/nail technician/beautician) and I formulated a plan! Gels for 2/3 months, then onto the Mani-Q, which is like Shellac, and is a thin gel polish. For some reason, to me "gel" means, "cant bite, so don't try"! The mentality was helped by Jenny telling me she would "brain" me, kill me, give me a bollocking I'd never forget, etc etc...

Previous forays into gel nails were...thick, square, very long, not at all easy to get used to. Jenny made them short, rounded and thin enough to be mistaken for my own natural nails when they had a colored polish on. Christmas was made better knowing my hands looked lovely, no matter what I wore! New years was the same and then I needed refills. In mid-January, I got them refilled, as the compulsion to chew and bite was still there, even if it was just in my head. Which brings me up to yesterday. 

Yesterday was the day I had my Gels filed off and the Mani-Q gel polish applied! I was so excited. Honestly, Jenny was telling me to calm myself! But it was exciting for me, having lovely nails, lovely lovely long nails!! I decided on Sunday that I wanted TFioS nails, because the book means a lot to me, so by having these nails, they would mean something to me and I would be less inclined to bite them. And so far?? It's working. I love them. 

Jenny did a great job! She mixed the blue polish to make a custom color and though its not the same shade as the cover, its perfect for me! I am going to see Leinster Rugby play on Saturday in the RDS, the same place as the TFioS Live show was last week!! 

The clouds on my ring finger nail are perfect to me and though we had initially decided on leaving out the yellow sticker, we deliberated over the UV light and put the yellow dot in to break it up, and make it a bit brighter!!


I've decided to have the Mani-Q til Easter to give me an extra couple of months to completely get rid of my 20 year bad habit!! 

It also gives me the opportunity to have Pirate themed nails for my birthday! 


What nails are you sporting today?? 
Let me know down in the comments!!

Le Grá,

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