Monday, 4 February 2013

Lets Get Started!!

So, Um... Hi, Everyone!! *waves*

Lets start with the introductions, I suppose. I'm Amy, I'm 20, though nearer to 21 at this point, and I'm...well, I'm just me. Always have been. I'm the walking, talking, living embodiment of someone who is just themselves and no more.

I enjoy things, and I loathe things, as do most people, I guess. I love the little things, good tea, mature cheese, a catchy beat, expensive sports, and being in love. I also love the big things; Friends, family and the value of a smile.

But, for every good, there is a bad. I hate being made feel bad, I hate liars, bigots (and for both of those certain people spring to mind!) and people who seek to take away another persons right to do the things they want to do. Unless its illegal! I hate Barry's Tea. Hate. It. I cannot abide the stuff. I hate fighting with people, or people fighting with each other. Making people happy is something I strive to do.

So now, the random things. I am ginger, a clean freak, happy, sad, madly in love, an admirer of fashion, a worrier, a lover, a hugger, a giver of pet names, into music, a huge fan of HIM and generally an open book!

I will talk about almost anything, and that includes face to face. So, hopefully on this I will be able to do the same.

Look out for book reviews, movie reviews, fashion, make-up, life and everything else in between!

Oh! And here's a picture of me (and my boyfriend, Chris)!!

Le GrĂ¡,

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