Sunday, 24 March 2013

Nails, Nails, Nails!

In my last post I detailed my recent foray into self improvement.

This post...? Well, this post is going to be me being super vain! :P

Naked Nails...Ah! Scary!!
So, the story begins!

I went last Wednesday (March 20th) to see Jenny (the angel who puts up with me and does my nails) to get the Mani-Q Gel Polish off my nails, so I could have my natural nails in good condition for Chris's college ball on the 11th of April. So we got down to it, it was basically an hour of filing and soaking my fingers in Acetone to soften the nails and help the thick, tacky gel polish peel away more freely, but by god, was it cold!! So Jenny dutifully filed and buffed until my nails were naked and I was literally so big headed, saying how I couldnt believe they were my own nail and how I had bitten them every since I could chew, yadda yadda yadda, and she was boosting me up telling me how proud she was, that my nails were great and how she would "brain me" if I came back to get my eyebrows waxed and they were chewed to bits.

Sally Hansen "All Fired Up"
Suitibly warned, we debated on what color to go for, would it be the rose pink OPI shade "Hands Off My Kielbasa!", I had been lusting after for weeks, or would it be something a bit more jazzy? Jazzy was decided upon and we mutually decided it might be worth going for a bright, eyecatching shade, just in case my fingers wanted to make their way to my mouth. So Jenny went to her nail polish cabinet and pulled out 4 red shades. I plumped for a beautiful coral red Sally Hansen shade, "All Fired Up" and Jenny went to work. She even put a little rhinestone on each ring fingernail for me!! :D

The following day, I treated myself to some beautiful Essence Nail Polishes, (4 in total) from the "Color and Go" range, because 1, I'm unemployed, so while I'd LOVE to spend €13 on Essie nail laquers, I just can't afford it, so €1.89 - €2.49 is much more easy to cope with! I admit that I have NO patience whatsoever so as soon as I got home, I stripped off Jennys beautiful Sally Hansen manicure and went to work on dolling my nails up with the "Absolutely Blue" shade you see below. It dried in record time and soon I was out the door to spend an evening with my mother, who admired the shade quite a bit, might I add! ;)

I might just add here that I have my eye on Essies "Ballet Slippers" shade, I just need to get to Boots to buy it!!

Yesterday I found myself shopping here in Dundalk while I let Chris get on with an essay for his film class. I originally intended on going to get some of my lactose-free chocolate (which I did get), and the jewellry I have been fantasising about for my dress for his end of year ball (which I did not get). Somehow, I found myself back infront of the Essence stand, and I spied the chrome silver polish I want to wear on my toes (even though my shoes are closed toe) so I snapped it up. It was a bargain at €1.79! I was tearing myself away from the Essence stand, for fear I might spend all of the money in my wallet on one of every color, when I copped an NYC Cosmetics stand which had, in BIG LETTERS the words "Special Offer, Everything Less Than 2.99" on it. They had certainly got my attention, and soon I saw a beautiful dupe for Essies "Mint Candy Apple", in the shape of "Mint Macaroon". Since it was the last one on the stand, I felt bad leaving it there, it would be rude to abandon it, right?! So I brought it home, and I stripped my nails and got down to a fresh manicure.
I love this, its a beautiful mint green pastel shade for spring. I feel so happy and confident knowing that I have a beautiful set of nails. In my experience, I could go around in rags all day, but when people see you have a nice, fresh manicure, they know you take care of yourself.

Do you guys like to paint your nails?
Whats your favorite brand or shade?

Let me know, down below!!
Le GrĂ¡.


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