Saturday, 30 March 2013

This Week In Manicures; Vol. 1

So I actually haven't really done much this week, aside from threaten to write this blog-post, but until today, there had been pretty much no fear of that happening when I was in bed wallowing in the fact my back was in bits!!
But now, my back is feeling less "Argh!!" and more "Meh!", so here I am, with a micro-haul, a super interesting (not really) post about my nails, and some random things I'm loving at the moment...
Without Further Ado...
This week I only bought a few little things, and it all feeds my newest and most intense addiction; Nails! Now I will concede that on M
onday, I bought 7 bottles of nail polish, but the ones in the picture are most recent, having been bought on Thursday as part of a final shop for my MDI Ball prep. From L-R it goes, Essence XXL Nail Protector, Color And Go in "L.O.L", then on the bottom L-R its Essence Color and Go in "Flashy Pumpkin" and Nail Art Special Effects Topper in Circus Confetti. And then obviously, the nail files are Primark/Penney's (4 for €1.50 including a protective case, which is a bargain)!

Feeding The Addiction...
In More Detail---

XXL Nail Protector. Its a milky pink shade in the bottle, but dries clear. It has tiny Nylon fibres in the liquid which aid in strengthening your nails. €2.50 in Penneys.

L.O.L. This is a yellow/green vibrant shade of lime. I haven't swatched it on yet, but if other Essence Color and Go shades are to be trusted (and I feel that they are) this one will not let me down. €1.89 in Penney's.

Flashy Pumpkin. This is the brightest orange I think I have ever seen. It glides onto the nail, needing only 2 coats for a glossy truly beautiful finish. €1.89 in Penney's.

SFX Topper in Circus Confetti. This is a beautiful mixed glitter top coat. The glitter is easy to spread, but it needs 2 coats to get it perfectly even... Still, for €2.50 in Penney's, its a winner for me!!

TWIM Hall of Fame... My 3 favourite manicures of the week just gone.

Inspired by my Win and Win Recurve Bow.
Rimmel - Shirley Temple
NYC - Pinstripe White

Rimmel - Tangy Tangerine
Not actually as true IRL as in this pic,
it's more of a pastel shade. Very Easter appropriate.

Primark Nail Wraps. I snapped these up for 50c.

 Finally, the random shit I've been loving this week!

The Bloody Beetroots. My buddy John and I went to see these guys not so long ago in The Olympia Theatre. The place was rockin! I am really digging their sound, and lately its been a go to "Happy Dance" song for me!! :D

Isn't this adorable?! My 2 Favourite things, Cats, and LoTR in ONE!!! :D

My ever growing collection... I regret nothing!!

Dairy, Gluten, Wheat, and Egg Free Vegan Chocolates for Easter.


I've been really happy with my Garnier Summer Body Gradual tanner lotion, its been doing the job and I'm not one bit streaky, patchy, or pale. Delighted doesn't really cover it. Incandescent just about does it justice. Velvety soft skin, golden tan, not a hint of the ghost or the Oompa Loompa syndrome, I'd recommend this to ANYONE!! A 400ml bottle set me back €6.99 in Boots.

Chris and I watched Now Is Good on Thursday night and I swear, it broke my heart all over again! Having read the book by Jenny Downham, I knew what was coming, but still, it was brought to life in the most beautiful way, and I adored it. A must see for anyone needing a heartbreaking, beautiful story about hope and love in the face of unalterable circumstances.  

Fallout Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up). Its disgustingly catchy. In fact, its so disgustingly catchy I've been listening to it on repeat for the hour I've been working on this blog post! Listen, and be sucked in, just like moi...

I've also been loving Twitter and Instagram a lot, too!! If you wanna come follow me on twitter you can find me at and my Instagram is @_o_captain_my_captain_ If you would like to follow me on one or both of these, I'd love to have you! Come join the fun!! :)

Le GrĂ¡,

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