Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Accessories Haul... Feat. Yes To Carrot(top)s :P

Today I did all of my running around early, I paid my phone and Internet bill, I sent the application in for my driving test and I did some errands for my mother. When all was done my mum and I decided to go to Mullingar town and do a spot of shopping. "Fair enough," I decided, "Sure we haven't been to Mullingar in almost a year, why not?!"

We trundled down the road and in no time we had landed in Penneys!! We LOOOOVE Penneys... :D

So with a limit of €10, I set myself the challenge of getting some nice things to wear, since I'm always out to improve my appearance through fashion, accessories, makeup and beautification like manicures and facials...

Statement necklace: Was €5, I got it for €2!!
Close up of the jewelled area....

Set of 3 pairs of earrings. 2 stud pairs and a pair of hoops...
€2!! Bargain much?!

I cant go into a Penneys without hitting up the Essence stand...
Its a sickness okay?! €1.89 for shade 144, Black is Back.

My last Penneys purchase;
A lightweight pair of silver cross earrings...
Having sent the sum total of €8.89, thoroughly pleased with myself, we left the treasure trove that is Penneys, and I went across the way, dawdling around in New Look while my mother went to Marks and Spencer... Bad idea; I ended up buying these Ankh Crosses I had been lusting over in the New Look up in Dundalk about 3 weeks ago. Sadly, I wasn't able to talk myself out of them today, but who cares?! They're gorgeous...

Ankh Crosses from New Look...
 It's buy one get one free in New Look, at the moment, so I got a pair of faux "plug" type earrings for free when I bought the Ankhs, but I caved and put them in because they looked so cool. I'm too lazy to take them out to photograph them, but I will upload a pic at a later date, if anyone wants to see them. Just ask, I'll be happy to get on that.

When we finally got out of Mullingar, which involved my mother having to herd me away from the NYC Color stand in Doc Morris Pharmacy by saying, "You have enough nail polish! Shoo!!", we got back to Enfield and I went straight to the local chemist for my shampoo. My mum actually promised to get me my shampoo because I haven't shut up about it since I saw it.

Two ginormous bottles of Yes To Carrots...
€4.99 each

I'm going to try these products out and review them later on. They have been getting rave reviews, so my hopes are high... Below are close-up shots of the packaging, if anyone wants to make up their own minds...

 I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday, and I shall be back soon with a "First Impressions" review of the Yes To Carrots Shampoo and Conditioner.

Is there anything I should try out this month and review?
What have you bought lately??

Let me know!

Le GrĂ¡,

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