Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Amy Through The Ages!!

Yesterday I bought a 500gb hard drive in a bid to save all the photos and music I love from being lost on my old laptop. Seriously, that thing is a relic, its over 10 years old and its on its way out! I hadn't used it in over 2 years when I hauled it out to rescue the photo files! 

I think you can imagine what kinds of retro fabulous (I use the term loosely, I was an "emo" when this computer encased my whole life) digital gems I found!! 

 Have a blast from the past, see me, Amy, through the ages!!

This was the earliest one I could find.
My 17th birthday... 

Took this on my kitchen floor.
I was not a cool kid...
I actually quite like this one!! 
On the wall outside my house...
This was during the height of my "emo" days...
I was also a big fan of editing my photos...
I was a dedicated art student. 
As you can tell from my walls behind me
I was super into my depressing metal...
Taken down the back of Irish near the end of 6th year!
This was taken when I was DYING of a hangover.
To this day, I won't drink Jagermeister!

Those days were amazing for me, I learned who I really am doesn't need hair dye or all of that other shit. I am me and I'm so proud of that!

Have you any old pictures that make you smile? Cringe??

Let me know!!

Le GrĂ¡,

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