Monday, 15 April 2013

Another Update... Including TWIM Vol. 2

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in well over a week. I've been thinking about this blog for days and days but I've been so busy getting ready for Chris's ball, and then I was sick and exhausted, but I'm here now and I'm getting back on top of things. Yay!

First, let me start by posting some nail pics!

I rocked this all of last week.
The ring finger is an Urbanista Nail Foil...

Currently rocking this shade...
Essence Nude Glam
Iced Strawberry Cream
Both of these Essence polishes retail for €1.89 and the quality is amazing, completely rivaling the formula of some higher priced ones. 

Next up!! 
Suited and booted, ready to rock'n'roll!!

On Thursday night last, the 11th, Chris and I went to the Mater Dei Academic Ball. It was amazing!! When we arrived, we were greeted by a champagne reception, then a beautiful meal with a starter of vegetable soup served with a sweet roll, main course of turkey and ham with redcurrant jus and the forbidden awesomeness of strawberry cheesecake...

After the awards (my baby was names B.A King!!) there was live music provided by Electric Lemon and then a DJ. Many many photos were taken, but not many were snapped by moi! It was an incredible night, and in spite of a few little hiccups, I have to say it was the most fun I've had all year. 

My King in a fluffy crown... I call him Loki :P

 This weekend was the first weekend in months that Chris came down to my house to visit, and we spent it cuddling, watching movies and I nagged him into doing work, and proof read his thesis. It was oddly fun and he's coming back down this weekend too (his mum is doing major renovations to their new house) so I'm going to plan a few little things to make sure that he's treated like royalty, because, after Friday... He's finished his degree. I am so proud of my Pooky-Bear. 

What did you get up to lately?
Let me know!!

Le GrĂ¡, 

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