Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Holy Grail High-Waisted Jeans

Every woman needs a pair of jeans that fit her like a glove. Soft, comfortable, and able to look well both dressed up or worn casually; Every one of us girls know how hard it is to find them. So when you find a pair of those jeans, you hang onto them until they fall apart.

Size 8 Long High Waist Skinny €13
Today when my mum and I went shopping, I took the notion that I wanted a new pair of jeans that I could style as many different ways as possible. Now, let me just say I own a pair of jeans that I wear exclusively with heels because they are a wide flare from Forever 21. To turn them up would be one hell of a sacrilegious job. Those are my "going out" slash "funeral" jeans because I look silly in my interview suit trousers, going anywhere but an interview!

Faded Denim-Wash (Natural Light)
I trotted off into Penneys (Primark), diving head first into the jean section. I am not the biggest fan of jeggings lately, though they are handy for the lazy days when you find yourself needing a nice, but comfy bottoms. With that in mind, I didn't even look the side the jeggings were on and continued the search for actual jeans with very little stretch in them. The thing that struck me immediately was the selection of high-waisted skinny jeans in stock at the moment, in every shade of denim imaginable... Unfortunately for me, I'm unsure of my size anymore, having come down from a UK size 10, so though settling on treating myself to high-waisted skinnies was the easy part, the sizing becomes trickier. I spied a UK 6 and 8 in my chosen denim-wash and off I went to the fitting rooms.

I'm unsure of what my logic was when I got into the fitting rooms with my jeans in tow, but I tried on the 8 first, and it fit like a dream, pretty much rendering the need to fit on the 6 unnecessary. Delighted was definitely not the word. Nothing makes me happier than only having to exert half the effort for the same result.

The jeans are fitted without being unflattering in their tightness. They are also long, so tall girls, Penneys has your back for once!! I was pretty chuffed and so I pottered around the sale rails in celebration  picking up a beautiful cream and teal striped t-shirt that looks to be inspired by those Parisian stripes you see in every cliché French movie, ever!
Worn w/Slim-fit Cream and Teal Top

Consulting my receipt as I type this, I see that these jeans were a steal at €13.00, considering the wear I am going to get out of them. I'm actually heading up to Dundalk this weekend and I will be making the trip over to Penneys to get another pair of these holy grail jeans, for definite, probably in black, since my only pair of black jeans doesn't fit me anymore...

I've worn these all day since we got home from our expedition and I can't fault their comfort or fit at all. They are excellent value and definitely going to be a wardrobe staple in summer.


So, how does one style these amazing jeans, I hear you ask... That's an easy one! You need to keep balance on your body, so when you wear a fitted item, you need a flowy item to balance it out. So if you wear loose "trouser" type jeans, you want to wear a fitted blouse or something on top...

So with that in mind, when you wear these tight jeans, you want to balance out the figure-hugging aspect. Personally I would tuck a loose-fitting muscle-tee into them and throw a boyfriend-fit cardi over the top on a casual day, and dress them up with a flowy chiffon-like blouse and black patent heels with a matching clutch for a night out... These jeans happily stand up to both day and night wear, though you may want to invest in a darker wash for dressier wear, just because darker jeans look nicer in general when it comes to going out on the tiles!

All in all, I'm delighted with these jeans, I think they are my new Holy Grail Jeans,  a pair of which I haven't owned since I was 17. I'm thrilled, and cant wait to "...merchandise it up, style it up with some shoes," to quote Sex and The City's Carrie Bradshaw.

Have you got a pair of "Holy Grail" jeans that fit perfectly?
If not, how is the search going?

Let me know!!

Le Grá,

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