Saturday, 4 May 2013


Most of can attest to being hooked on something. Guys usually admit to it being video-games, or music, if they're really into sport, it could be something to do with that. One strange collection I've heard of guys having is beer mats. You know, those little cardboard coasters from pubs?! Bizarre, to say the least!

Girls, on the other hand, are a completely different story. If like myself, you like a nice manicure, then you will have heaps of nail polishes. Or you might well be like my mum and have a shoe collection that would fill a whole room.

I can personally admit to having a few obsessions.


I cant get enough of books. I love them. I have books pretty much everywhere in my room. My weakness is buying books in charity shops, because I'm overly sentimental. I feel bad that people abandon perfectly good novels or biographies, cookery books, fantasies, sci-fi series, even books I may never read! I kind of feel as though I am rescuing these poor lonely books, if that doesn't sound too wacky... which, in fairness, it probably does...

Nail Polish

I love a good manicure, as anyone who keeps up with my blog, or Twitter, or Instagram will know! I adore Essence, NYC Color, Rimmel, be honest, the list goes on for ages!! I have at least 100 odd bottles of polish, kept in a GHD giftbox that my hair-straightener set came in 2 Christmases ago, thanks to my lovely boyfriend, Chris. To me, even if some days you cant pull an outfit together, and you have to schlep around in your fatman pants and a grotty old hoody, a nice, glossy unchipped mani will tell the world, "Hey, I do take care of myself. Today is just a lazy-day..."


Well, I am my mothers daughter, can I just state that now? What girl can honestly say she doesn't love a good pair of shoes? Converse, Crocs, trainers, canvas sneakers, flip-flops, dolly-shoes, slipper-shoes, boots, no shoe is unwelcome in my wardrobe!! Though most who know me know I live in my All Stars, my Adidas Classics and my flip-flops, I have a pair of black combat boots I bought in Dundalk last Winter, and I just cant put them away yet because they are SO comfy and go with everything! And yes, I love Crocs, I have 6 pairs!!


So thanks to my ex who had (probably still has) an enormous DVD collection, and rubbed off on me pretty well, I have a substantial movie collection. Though, with the help of my darling technology I'm in the process of using conversion software to put my collection on my external hard drive. My lovely Mags over at Magatha May has told me that next time we see each other, she's gonna let me copy stuff from her SEPARATE (!!!) TV and Movie HDDs... Eeeee!!! :D

I have random collections too, ranging from cushions, to small teddies, to photo-frames and even underwear and socks.

What do you guys collect?
Let me know!!

Le grĂ¡,

P.S: Don't forget to keep an eye out for my April Favorites blog, which should be up by Monday at the latest!!

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