Sunday, 19 May 2013

Oh God, I've Become A Girly-Girl!!

Girls, we all love our beauty products and make up. Its just the way we are, and guys wont ever understand why we need 3 different mascaras, or 100 bottles of nail polish, but we do. Or at least, that's what we tell ourselves! 

We all have our favourites though, so here's mine. My favourites, for my face!

Skin Wisdom Youth Protect Facial Wipes.

Skin Wisdom Youth Protect
These bad boys are amazing! I stumbled across these when I finished my Simple Kind-To-Skin wipes. They have a "Recommended Age Group" on the side of the nice, shiny pink foil packet, saying you should use these between the ages of 20-35. I suppose, those are the years between which you'd wanna be protecting that youth of yours, missus! They smell lovely and they do a great job of stripping off makeup, mascara, everything! I will say that you need a good moisturiser for after them, because they can leave your skin a bit tight. Maybe that's the Youth Protect bit?!

They claim to cleanse, tone and moisturise in one easy step, and are enriched with rhodiola rosea and amino acids, as well as cranberry and white tea.

They also claim to be suitable for all skin types, but I would say if you have dry skin, either avoid them entirely, or use a damn good moisturiser after them!

At €1.69 (I think!), in Tesco, I'd recommend them, even just to see if they do anything for your skin, but personally, I love them and have already repurchased them, in case they ever disappear from the shelves!

BB Cream, Powder, Concealer... 

NC Powder, Rimmel Concealer,
17 BB Cream
Most of the time,I just conceal the redness around my nose, powder my T-Zone, and I'm away. There are days where I need my BB cream, though, so I use a little on my Real Techniques stippling brush and lightly buff it into my skin for the sake of even-ness.

You can get all of these in Boots, and each product is great value for money, considering I have yet to hit pan on the powder, and I've had it since Christmas. I love it though, and at €3 quid, its easy on your purse! The BB Cream was around €7.99, but don't hold me to that, it was on offer the last time I bought one!! Rimmel is the usual €4.99 or thereabouts.

God, I'm so good at this, aren't I?! :P

Mascara, Eyeliner, Brow Pencil...

Rimmel Day2Night,
Maybelline Colossal Volume Express,
Essence Eyeliner Pen,
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in 002 Hazel
Mascara brings out the fickle side of myself, because I am always trying to find my holy grail lash product! In reality, it probably doesn't matter a whole lot, since I am a speccy-four-eyes!

Right now I am splitting my affection for Rimmel Day2Night and Maybelline Colossal Volume Express. They are both pretty good, but only that. They are not amazing, they certainly are not holy grail, but they do the job, so I'll use them up. If anyone has any recommendations for a good mascara, comment down below, I'd happily try any recommendations!

Next in the line up is my Essence Eyeliner Pen. I LOVE this pen. Its easy to use, dries quickly, and since I bought it I've managed to do almost perfectly mirrored cat-eye flicks. Not too shabby from a product that costs less than €3.50!!!

My brow pencil from Rimmel, well, this was an accident. When I bought it, I never ever used it. But one day I found it in the bottom of my make-up bag, and decided to have a bash at defining my brows. Something changed that day, because now I don't leave the house without it. It's a great product, though I cant remember the price, so sorry about that!

Lip liner, Lip Stick, Lip Balm, and Lip Stain

Essence Lip liner in Femme Fatale,
Essence Stay Matt Lip-Cream in Silky Red,
Carmex and,
17 Berry Crush Lip stain
 I am a self confessed lip product convert! I love all things to do with bold red lips, and as a result have been on the look out and trialing various red-lip products! I'm a woman obsessed!!

I wrote a more detailed post about the Essence Lip liner, and Lip cream, but basically, its brilliant for the money! To buy these two products together, its just shy of €4. To read the full post, click this link that you're thinking is a sentence!!

Carmex is the best lip product to grace this world, ever. I am not being overly dramatic, just telling you the truth. It heals your lips, instead of just greasing them up with an oily balm. My tube of it seems to be never ending, and it comes everywhere with me, hence it looking so "dirt mcgurt" in the picture!

17 Berry Crush Lip stain. This one is a new addition to my arsenal. Its decent enough, but it needs to be reapplied every few hours, which doesn't really make it the best product in the world. At €6.99 , even the cheaper Essence products stand the test of time better than it does.

Essence Lipliner "In The Nude",
Stay Matt Lip-Cream "Soft Nude"
We all have the back-up though, so while the majority of my make-up works for everything imaginable, you cant exactly wear bright red lipstick into a job interview or to a funeral. So I have the nude counterparts to my fantastic red lip products from Essence to cover me if I need to tone it down! Its the same fantastic product, and its pretty much a "my lips, but better" shade, suiting me down to the ground for the days when it not appropriate to wear the sassy red lip I've come to love!!

These products are the top-picks from my badly organized make-up basket. I love them all equally and with the same level of obsession. With the obvious exception of the mascaras, I hope that these products are never discontinued, or else I'll be one sad camper!

What are your favorite make-up products?
Drop me a comment!

Le GrĂ¡,

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