Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rewind The Good Times...

 This post probably wont mean anything to anyone except myself, but sometimes its nice to look back at where you came from to see where you really are. Of course, there are other people in these pictures, so the might mean something to them... I hope they do! 

On we go...

This picture was taken in the taxi on the way to Chris's last ever Mater Dei Ball. I wore a high-low chiffon dress from Topshop, a leather jacket and chunky bling. I felt like a rockstar!

This photo was taken last November, before Chris and I left for a night of fun and drinks at The Palace for Kaylieghs 22nd birthday. I wore a corset and circle skirt, black tights and combat boots. Again, I felt like a rockstar. 

This is from years ago. I don't even know what prompted this hilarious pose, but David (Beyond The Wild Garden) has a children's play apparatus of some kind over his crotch and I'm... in it? 

Hmm... Can't explain. 

But, good times!!

Not gonna lie, the lighting at the bar for the MDI Ball this year was really soft and nice. That fluffy crown atop Chris's head? That's the B.A King crown. 
Aw yeah! That's my man! 
 This picture was the product of a very fun, very random day with my best friend. What happens when you meet up for lunch, and then wander around the shops? Well you end up in Captain Americas day-drinking, don't you?! 

 Last years Mater Dei Ball. My hair was super short, and my dress was like something from a Jane Austin production. This was a great night out :D

 Take a handful of archers, and have them shoot til they're hungry. Make them chip in a fiver each and send two of them off to the shop. Magically, have one of them have two disposable BBQ's in the boot of his car. Add some reggae-reggae sauce, banter and tea to the mix, and you might get an afternoon that is half as fun as this one was!

Yes. This is true all day, every day!! 

 Good lighting, and good self image. This day was good because fuck the haters, I'm amazing, damnit!!

 Once again, I have a pint in one hand, and a camera in the other. Just a normal night out, so! This was taken at Chris's surprise 21st. That was a good night. But, who am I kidding, these are all memories from good nights and good days!

 Graduating. Freedom followed. (L-R: Myself, Ciara, Mr Sheehan, Ann-Marie, and Claire). I miss these times, but whenever we get together, its like no time has passed, and that's something to be grateful for.

A reminder. Not sure why its here, but it's nice, so it stays!! 

 Stoke Mandeville 2012. One of the best weeks of my life. Good fun, good work, good memories, good banter, good friends. Para-Archery is 100% better than able-bodied. The people are all different, that makes it interesting.

 "Have you seen a girl...?" "Yeah, Crap-Bag went that way, very fast!!"

 After 2 months of waiting, my TARDIS mug arrived, and I had the best cup of tea in ages. Nerd love tea. Fact.

Have to include this. The very first manicure I had on my natural nails. Memorable because before this day, I was a hardcore nail-biter. I will never stop being proud of this moment...

I hope you got some kind of enjoyment from this...
Le Grá,

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