Monday, 13 May 2013

Things That Piss Me Off...

Normally, I would leave this kind of thing to my lovely friend Aisling, aka The Rantigator, but today, I'm gonna have a bash at a good aul fashioned rant! I'm not going to tackle any particularly weighty topics, rather, I'll just have a moan about things that "grind my gears" as they say...

People who tell me one of the following...

"God, you're so skinny!"
"Have a ham sandwich or something!"
"Would you not try to put on some weight?!"

Right, here's the first thing. I weigh somewhere around 7st 4lb. I am naturally thin, though with that being said, if I got my mothers genes, I'll eventually be curvy, somewhere around the age of 23. The second thing, I eat!! I fucking adore food! I can't take dairy really and I'm not the biggest fan of certain meats, but I happen to hoover up roast dinners, cottage pies, any kind of pasta, I will mow through salads and paninis, and I can't get my fill of Mexican food. Making the assumption that I starve myself or limit my portions is rude and unnecessary! If you must know, I was on medication that slowed my metabolism and when I came off it, I went back to where I was beforehand.

I really shouldn't have to explain myself, but let me just clarify this one. My weight is nobody else's concern. It's just as rude and ignorant to comment on a thin persons weight, as it is to say to someone who is a size 18, "Would you not go on a diet, and try to slim down a bit?".

Take a long hard look in the mirror before you pick on someone's weight. Chances are, you're not perfect, yourself, love!

People who chew/breathe loudly.

This one really does it for me.

Chewing: I can't stand when people masticate their food loudly. It is disgusting. It annoys me so much that I will either do everything I can to eat alone or get away from people who are eating, until their done, or I will keep my head down and refuse to look up from my own plate when I am obliged to eat with people. This could be considered my own issue, and it probably is, but guys, seriously.Its just not necessary.

Breathing: If you can't breathe through your nose, then I'm going to do my level best to get away from you before I snap, and punch you in the throat. Think about this one logically, if I was sitting next to you, breathing through my mouth, would you really be able to just let it go. I would give you five minutes before you passed some sort of comment.

People who don't listen. 

If I tell you something, and it's going to be necessary for you to remember it in the future, I expect you to listen. Take in what I'm saying. It may well be the only time its going to be spoken about. I will not tolerate a future exchange where you blatantly forget about what I've told you.

If you tell me something, that's going to be important in the future to avoid awkwardness, then I will take in your point and commit it to memory. If someone is taking the time to tell me something deep and personal, of course I'm going to listen. I will remember the conversation from time to time and ask about it, if it is the kind of thing that needs to be checked up on. Do the same, it's basic manners!

"You cant like X".

I like a lot of random shit. My music interest range from the expected to the completely nuts. I have been told countless times that a particular band, artist, or even song is "crap". I've even been told archery is not a real sport. Excuse me, who are you to tell me what I can and cannot like? That logic is inherently flawed. Should I not like to dress up because I like sport? Should I not like Demi Lovato because I like Cradle of Filth?? Last time I checked, I was allowed to listen to whatever the hell I want, wear what I want, do what I want.

Nobody, not one person has the right to say "Oh you're X, you're not allowed to like Y,".

Aaaaaand breathe. That's better!

I'm gonna finish this us by leaving you with the genuis of David O'Doherty, and his famous "Beefs". Enjoy!

Le Grá,


  1. People say stuff about my weight sometimes too. It's so annoying :/

    1. Honestly, it makes me so angry! I feel like there's always someone out to criticize and the people who do it...Well lets just say "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!"...


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