Monday, 10 June 2013

June BBC Day 10: Favorite Nail Polish

There's no way I can answer this. I'm a nail polish addict. I physically cannot pick a favorite. No way. Mm-mm, not happening!

What I can do is share what I'm currently loving.

Essie Watermelon, oh how I adore thee!! I bought it on Friday the 31st and repainted my nails every day with it until the following Wednesday. I've been hopelessly stuck on it, unlike so many of my other polishes!

2/3 coats for opacity, and it dries in double-quick time! Fan-tabulous!!

If you've been keeping up with this challenge, then you'll know I'm a Watermelon obsessive. I kept overlooking Essie because of the price-tag, but I could resist no longer.

€12.99 in Boots seems like a lot, but they are forever doing 3 for 2 deals, so keep your eyes open for bargain opportunities!

Another Watermelon shade is offered by Collection 2000... This is a much lighter, more pastel than Essies offering. I admit to buying this purely based off the name, but I'm not ashamed of that! It wears well and has a really tough, chip resistant formula! I was very impressed by its longevity, so much so that I'm thinking of invesing in their black version to satisfy my inner Goth!

Whats your favorite polish? Can you even choose one shade, or do you go in phases like your oh-so fickle host, here? What brands would you recommend I try out? 

Le GrĂ¡,


  1. Essie have stands in some independent chemists and all the polishes are €9.99 :) (enabler). I have no idea even where I would BEGIN to pick a favourite, Sophie's Choice :/

    1. Ohhh all my money is going to fly away now!! :P x


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