Thursday, 13 June 2013

June BBC Day 13: A Make-Up Look You Would Love to Recreate

I'm the first to admit that I have absolutely no make up talent. I can do a brown smokey eye, and black. I can wing out my eyeliner, glide on some lip colour and then I'm done. That is my ability exhausted!

But if I could, here are some looks I would love to recreate, not from a wearability stand point, but from an admiration point of view.

Warm gold, red and dramatic black!!

This gold, red and black look is so dramatic!! It screams glamour and looks as though it would befit a party in a plush, palatial manor. The shape also reminds me of the eye look worn by Natalie Portman in Black Swan. And just look at the precision of the eyeliner, the blending, the fantastically flawless skin. 
Alternative make-up is so gorgeous to me :)

Alternative Culture has fascinated me since I was young. I've always loved how daring and bold all the various kinds of Goth girls were with their eye make-up. I would love to have the cajones to rock a look like that!

I would love to have either the reason or the nads to wear either of these looks. They are beautiful in different ways, yet similar in the realm of artistic ability. 

Pin Up Sailor Girl
As far as an entire look goes, I would love to try a Pin-Up style look. The whole casual glamour of the 1950's is my idea of perfection! The red lips, the curves, the toughness paired with old style sexiness... fabulous! Someone needs to teach girls who are dieting dangerously, starving themselves, forcing themselves to throw up in a bid to be thin, that to be sexy, all you have to do is believe that you are sexy! 

Which of these looks do you prefer? Are you more of a warm red and gold, or a cool green and black type of girl?? What make-up looks would you recreate if you could? Would you have the courage to wear either of my choices? What do you think of the Pin-Up style? 


  1. Well I still can't really wing my eyeliner so you've one upped me there:P That green makeup look is so wow! Gorgeous:) I love pinup! Everything about it, so glamourous! Would love to wear that look someday:)

    1. I can wing if the applicator is right, but brush applicators might as well just be a two inch masonry brush. By the time I'm done I look like a panda!

      I've always leaned towards the alternative side of life, and Pin Up is just the ultimate in sexy, but realistic!

  2. I thought of Black Swan when I saw the red and gold look as well. So amazing and pretty!

    1. It's amazing isn't it? And it's so simple too, like theres no complex designs or anything just bold colors and flawless blending!


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