Friday, 14 June 2013

June BBC Day 14: Favorite Mascara

Wooooo!! This challenge has been going for two weeks now! It's been so fun, I really don't want it to end!

Anyways, today we're gonna be looking at my favourite mascara. I used to be a stoic lover of the Falsies by Maybelline, undeterred and steadfast in the face of lesser brands, but now I've turned away from it in favour of their new "The Rocket Volume" mascara. 

From day one, I have loved this. The wand is huge, with closely packed rubber bristles that evenly lift and coat your lashes. I have a feeling, should the choice ever have to be made, I'd choose this over Benefit! The tube I own is the original formula, rather than the waterproof one, not for any reason other than my hand reached for the original tube first.

What's your favourite mascara? Why do you love it? Would you try this mascara based off what I've written?



  1. Hey, I've tagged you in The Liebster Award -

    Emma xxx

    1. Hey Emma, thanks! I completed the challenge, because I was tagged by you AND another girl, so I took the dive and did it!

  2. I definitely think this is better then Benefit but I do prefer thick lashes! Still searching:)

  3. I am a huge Max Factor fan and swear by their False Lash Effect... it has never let me down

    1. I've never tried it... But I will...someday!


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