Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tuesday Night Treats

Some days you just spend dreaming of the moment you can shrug on your fluffy robe, your most awful slippers and relax under a deep cleansing facemask! 

Today, well today was that day for me. It's been a tough week to say the least, and a long time since I got to loaf with a good book and a nice treatment on my skin! But now the tough week is done, my worries more or less over and so I could justify taking the time to just, veg out!

I used this Skin Treats mask that I've been toting around in my handbag for at least a week or more at this point! It's been full on taunting me with the promise of worry melting, skin calming goodness! 

I'm always battling with my painfully concentrated sex appeal! Just look at that face! Mmmmmh!

So I slathered this pale blue, minty goop all over my face and left it to set. It was tingly and cooling, leaving my skin feeling like it was being recharged! 

After it set, and my face was damn near rigid under the thick layer I piled on, I ran the tap til the chill went off it and gently scrubbed the product away with my Body Shop Facial Brush. I splashed clean water over my entire face to remove any residue and patted my face dry. 

I followed my face-mask with a lip scrub and a layer of my Balmi lip-balm, topping it off with my Elemis Softly Softly moisturiser! The perfect end to a perfect hour...

Everybody needs a treat! What's your go to way to relax? What's your favourite face mask? 


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  1. This makes me really want a facemask and my own relaxing night! Everytime I see you post about the balmi i'm like I need to get this! Then I forget, writing it down now. When I need to really relax I have a bath and just keep topping up the hot water for ages, bad for water wasting, but fabulousss for relaxing!


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