Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Cheeky Haul!!

When you're week was as bad as mine, and someone asks you are you on for shopping, you jump at the chance to go and have retail therapy!

That's what happened to me, on Thursday evening when the lovely Kayliegh, of Kayliegh Land texted me and asked me was I on for shopping on Friday afternoon. I may as well be honest here, I had failed my practical driving test just hours before this, so I leapt at the chance to get out of my disappointed funk. Shopping always makes me feel better. Sure, who doesn't feel better after an afternoon of serious shopping and money spending?!


First stop was Penneys! You have got to start in Penneys, it's practically mandatory!! We honestly must have spent an hour there, we lapped the place 3 times, I think!! Kayliegh can verify on that one. There's something nice about knowing you can lap the place as many times as you want when the person you're shopping with is the same way inclined. Sorry, Chris, but it had to be said!! :P

I found a beautiful t-shirt on a €1.00 rail, the last one left, and in my size. It would have been rude to just leave it behind. It's a cream, rolled sleeve basic tee, with a Russian Doll/Sugar Skull design on the front. It was beautiful, and colourful without being over-the-top!

Another thing I picked up was the "Embellish 3D Manicure" kit. I opted for the silver set, and I'm waiting patiently to try it out so I can blog about it. It looked like a more affordable version of the Ciaté Caviar Nails, so here's hoping the quality is good. I picked this up for €3.50, what a great deal!

While we were at the make-up stands, with Penneys in The Marshes having just 3 fully fledged stands, Rimmel, Essence and Catrice, I decided to add one cheeky Essence polish to my already vast collection. I opted for a deep purple, akin to the colour of a blackberry. Essence call this offering "148 - Prom-Berry". It's just lush. I cant wait to get this on my nails. At €1.89, could you blame me for slipping and picking it up? No? Grand!

The last thing I picked up in Penneys was something I had been lusting over since I saw it. The Catrice Absolute Nudes palette. I kept swatching it every time I saw it, in chemists, in Penneys, I was a woman obsessed. So I took the plunge and bought it. I wasn't put off all the times I passed it by before, because it was overly expensive or awful quality or something like that. The pay-off is amazing, it's really impressive. The packaging is great, and the price is the best bit. €5.49 for 6 different, highly pigmented and super blendable nude shades. A definite must for everyone who wants nudes, without the price-tag of the Naked palettes.

Before I met up with Kayliegh, I had been waiting around beside the Boots store, and I decided I'd wander in, you know, to kill some time. I had been promising myself new brushes, good quality brushes for weeks now, so I nipped in to have a wee look at the offerings, and was simultaneously elated and disappointed when I saw no Real Techniques Core Collection sets, but the RT Starter Set (€28.99) for eyes. I knew I had the money for them, as I had put the money away a while back to get them, so I grabbed them and held tightly to them while I went to find a face-pack on the cheap. Lucky me, I snagged a Natural Collection Wild Strawberry Face Mask for €.79c. I was thrilled with myself. Honestly, I think I was happier about the face-mask than I was about the RT Brushes!!

We went back into Boots after our trek around Penneys, and I lost count of the amount of laps we did! I am a very bad influence when it comes to products I've bought and trialled and know the make of! Before I knew where I was, Kayliegh had 3 Soap and Glory Mini's and a bottle of Natural Collection body spray in her hands. Somehow, we found our way back into the Brush Aisle, and were fawning over the Eco-Tools kits (of which you can find a review, HERE). I had fallen in love with them on Amazon, but my heart set on the Real Techniques, since I am an unashamed PixiWoo fangirl!! We ended up getting a set each (again, my terrible influence!!) and leaving back the other stuff we had picked up on our wanderings. Up to the till we went, and we got out of there rapidly!

We wandered around A-Wear, Dorothy Perkins (where Kayliegh fell upon Kardashian Kollection handbags and promptly fell in love, and admittedly, I am now harbouring a grá for the lovely fringed shoulder bag) and then decided to call it a day, since we were both now skint!

That's where shopping with Kayliegh came to a close, but the next day, Chris and I went to the Marshes because I wanted to see where I stood with Boots points. I found myself back at the brushes (again!!!) and lo and behold, there was a RT Core Collection kit in the stand. I did my best puppy-dog eyes to Chris and soon enough we were up at the till again getting them! As with the Eye Starter Set, they were €28.99 and I am in LOVE!!

So, that's my haul. I love every single item I bought, and I am delighted to have a full set of amazing brushes, as well as some lovely make-up, nail-polishes and a lovely funky t-shirt!

What do you think of my purchases? Do you think I'm a bad influence?? Would you be inclined to try any of the things I bought??

Let me know!


  1. I really want a RT buffer brush but not sure if I should just buy it individually or if the core collection is worth it, what do you think?

    1. I love my core collection, I use it every day, and the value of the 4 brush kit, versus a 15.99 single brush wasn't to be sneezed at, at the time. I think it's a good investment, but if you feel you wouldn't get the value out of the other 3 brushes (the contour brush, I think you would though, if I'm honest, because its really nice to use, it gives a lot of control) then I would say that it may work out cheaper to buy the buffing brush as a single item. Though, with all that said, can it be got on its own? I have only seen it as part of the Core Collection :)

  2. I suppose it does make more sense to buy the core collection, a girl can never have enough brushes :) ive seen that you can buy them individually online though mainly. I have the mini eco tools brushes which are excellent and so handy to take on the move, the foundation brush however is useless as its so small and takes forever to do your face with it. Great post btw, jealous of your collection x

    1. Aye, that's what they say anyways! I really like my mini collection of Eco Tools I use them everyday ( think the tulip shaped blush brush is great for contouring ) and as for the tiny foundation brush, its actually a great thing for putting on facepacks with!

      I adore my brushes, I would be absolutely lost without them!



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