Monday, 12 August 2013

Look Beauty "Cheeky Trio" Review

When I went to Newry and couldn't lay hands on Sleek, I thought my trip to find a decent contour kit had been in vain. Yet, somehow, whatever deity there is up there in the sky smiled upon me and I found the Look Beauty Cheeky Trio kit.

At £8.00 this kit actually undercuts Sleeks offering, but that didn't really matter to me and it still doesn't, as I will find Sleek some time soon and it will be mine!!

This Cheeky Trio houses a peachy bronzer (thankfully not enough to be orange), a rosy blush (which should be applied with a light hand as it is quite pigmented) and a shimmering champagne highlight.

The one downfall of this product is the mirror. Its tiny! And I mean tiny. Its about as wide as your finger, and runs the length of the compact. I don't like that about it, because I think bigger mirrors are better.

The products within the compact are surprisingly good quality, I found. They are soft, pigmented and blendable. The highlight color has a shimmer akin to a glowy sheen which is lovely on, and I suspect with flash photography, would be beautiful!

All in all, I am very impressed with this product and I would definitely be inclined to bring this with me when I go visiting the other half as its so small and compact.

Other Uses: The peachy bronzer is very buildable and may be used as a soft peach toned blush, akin to Natural Collection Peach Melba. 

What do you think of this compact? Would you be inclined towards it for the quality or the price? Do you like when products come in palettes all together or do you prefer separate products? 



  1. This looks lovely:-) the blush and hilight are lovely in it!

  2. Love these, very pretty!

  3. what shade is this? is this the peach melba? candy floss or strawberry?


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