Friday, 18 October 2013

Neals Yard Remedies Geranium and Orange Hand Cream

A few weeks back I was chosen as one of the lucky winners of a Neals Yard Remedies Hand Cream on Twitter.

I had never really heard about them, until I saw fellow blogger, Audrey retweet them on my feed. I figured entering their Friday Freebie wouldn't hurt, so I gave them a retweet and late that day they told myself and Audrey that we had been chosen as the winners. I mailed off my address and a week later the postman rang my doorbell and presented me with a padded envelope all the way from London!

I couldn't wait to get into it, so I ripped it open immediately, and found a lovely hand written note and a really generously sized tube of Geranium and Orange Hand Cream.

Now, not many people know this about me but I adore Geraniums, because they remind me of the summers I spent with my Auntie and all the afternoons whiled away as a kid with my late Granny. Funnily enough, Geraniums smell more like lemons, than anything, so it may be easier to just tell the not-so green-fingered among you guys that is smells amazingly of lemon and orange...

What It Says On The Tube: 

"Deeply NOURISHES and uplifts. Moisturises and softens with the uplifting sunny scent of rose geranium and vibrant sweet orange oil."

It also states that the ingredients are 92% organic, with a long list of the things it doesn't contain:

No EDTA (a substance used to stabilize products interaction with air)
No Mineral Oils,
No Synthetic Fragrances or Colours,
No Parabens,
No Silicones,
No Phthalates (emulsifiers used in the cosmetics industry)

What I Thought Of It:

I have to say this cream was wonderful. It's so thick, it keeps the shape of the dispensing hole until you rub it into your hands. A little also goes a very long way. I squeezed out a blob the first couple of times and I was able to cover both of my hands and half way up my forearms.

The formula sunk into my hands rapidly, and is that wasn't enough, my mother tried it out, and although she is allergic to pretty much any and all lotions, this didn't upset her skin at all. What a great result!!

Add to that the gorgeous, nostalgia inducing scent, and this cream is one of my favorite things in a long time! When this runs out (which wont be for a while because it's so economical) I will definitely be getting another tube!

Things To Consider:

NYR are a pretty awesome bunch of people, creating natural products because they are of the belief that beauty should be natural rather than synthetic. That sits really well with me but a huge selling point is their Cruely Free ethos, whereby they are also supporting FRAME, which is a British NGO dedicated to finding an alternative to animal testing. If you want to read more about their Cruelty Free beliefs, then you can click HERE.

Neals Yard Geranium and Orange Hand Cream is £10.00 per 50ml and can be bought HERE

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Soap And Glory: Glow All Out

Soap & Glory are a brand synonymous with all thing sweet smelling and girly.

You only have to look at the packaging to see that. Pin-Up girls, pink, stars, and clever word-play are all part and parcel of their aesthetic. And, as most of us know, their bath and shower range are to die for. I, for one, would be lost without their Sugar Scrub and The Righteous Butter!

Today however, I took the plunge and picked up one of their make-up range in Boots. There is currently an offer on (3 for 2 on all S&G cosmetics) but since I didn't want to part with too much money, and since I am a highlight powder addict at the moment, I picked up their "Glow All Out", which is packaged as a "Luminizing Radiance Face Powder".

What It Says On The Back:

"Sweep a brush lightly across powder surface, then dust lightly onto your face, neck and shoulders (because that's the way it glows).

First, let me talk about the packaging. I am a sucker for a nicely packaged product and this is no different. It comes in a lovely white compact, adorned with a retro-style, black-and-white pin-up girl, emblazoned with "Glow All Out" in gold type, and festooned with stars. I adore it. The compact itself is made of heavy card, and has a magnetic closure.

Inside, you'll find a dinky mirror just the right size for touch ups on the go, and the pan of product.

The powder itself is pink-toned with a lovely sheen. It's buttery soft; We're talking Urban Decay levels of blendable, here! I am very impressed with it. It highlights nicely, without looking too stark, or being noticeably pink. Definitely one for my girls with a pink undertone.

I think that this is a gorgeous product, and well worth the money. I don't think it can be touched by budget brands like Catrice though, not when the quality is up there with high end labels like Urban Decay. It simply cannot be done.

€14 is quite reasonable for the size, and the quality, and hey, supermodel cheekbones for that price is pretty good by my standards!

What do you make of Glow All Out?
Do you think it's all its cracked up to be?
Let me know if you would like to see a comparison post of all my highlighting powders together.


Thursday, 10 October 2013

September Favorites

Hello, Hello!!

In a break from my usual video blog detailing my favorites, I have decided to embrace the old ways and blog about them instead. Whether or not that has to do with the fact that I look like Pippi Longstocking, and am currently waiting for a tan to develop, is entirely up to your own judgement... (It has quite a lot, in fact its entirely the reason!! :P)

Lets just jump right into things, shall we?

1. E45 Intense Recovery Lotion.

Stay with me on this one!

I used this while I was healing my newest tattoo, and it was amazing. It helped so much in the speedy recovery of the fresh wound (it is what it is) and as a result, it didn't scab and hardly peeled at all! Woohoo!!

€4.99-ish in Tesco or Pharmacies.

2. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

This sponge has retired both of my foundation brushes... Just let that one sink in there for a minute. I have not used my foundation brushes since I bought this amazing sponge! It makes your face look airbrushed and beautiful with minimal effort. It's so squishy too, which is nice. The best bit about it is that you wet it and its grows, exactly like a beauty blender!

For just shy of €6, you cannot beat this beauty!

3. Cien Nail Polish Remover - Classic

This stuff is better than any high-priced polish remover I've used in the last 2 or 3 years. It's so cheap, but that only makes it better. I am going to repurchase this to death.

It also has a pump dispenser which I have yet to find on any polish remover from the likes of Sally Hansen or OPI. Swish!

You can find this in Lidl for less than €2. Go, go, go!!!

4. Loreal Skin Perfection Purifying Micellar Solution. 

I have to bow down to this product. All my good skin days are down to this. I cannot get over how good it is, and how little of it you need to go over your whole face.

It also dissolves your make-up, if you're that way inclined.

I got this for €4.99 in Tesco on special offer.

5. Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 270 Matt-erial Girl

This lipstick has been a staple in my make-up bag for weeks and weeks now. It's so integral to my makeup kit, that I have bought a back up to keep in case I ever lost it, or God forbid, it got discontinued!

I love the formula, the colour, the wear time, everything! It's matte but not drying, so pigmented and once its on it doesn't move or slide. Fantabulous stuff!!

Catrice Lippies are €4.49 in Penneys and in selected chemists.

So there you have it! My September Favorites, done and dusted! What do you think of my choices? Drop me a line down below!