Sunday, 24 March 2013

Nails, Nails, Nails!

In my last post I detailed my recent foray into self improvement.

This post...? Well, this post is going to be me being super vain! :P

Naked Nails...Ah! Scary!!
So, the story begins!

Self Improvement And A New Series...

"Self-improvement is masturbation," Tyler Durden, Fight Club. Thankfully, this opinion doesn't really resonate with me, because I believe that self improvement makes people better versions of themselves.

Since I'm 21 now, which means I'm older, and therefore apparently wiser, I've decided I need to dress a bit better, and put a bit more effort into myself. Not just for me, but I have a boyfriend of 2 years who I think deserves to not have his girlfriend live in baggy tracksuit bottoms and oversize jumpers (even if they are warm and fuzzy...and stolen from his wardrobe half the time!!) because, lets face it, when you do that, it gets boring. And I don't want to bore my lovely man!

So, I've made three decisions and I'm going to stick to them.