Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Accessories Haul... Feat. Yes To Carrot(top)s :P

Today I did all of my running around early, I paid my phone and Internet bill, I sent the application in for my driving test and I did some errands for my mother. When all was done my mum and I decided to go to Mullingar town and do a spot of shopping. "Fair enough," I decided, "Sure we haven't been to Mullingar in almost a year, why not?!"

We trundled down the road and in no time we had landed in Penneys!! We LOOOOVE Penneys... :D

So with a limit of €10, I set myself the challenge of getting some nice things to wear, since I'm always out to improve my appearance through fashion, accessories, makeup and beautification like manicures and facials...

Statement necklace: Was €5, I got it for €2!!
Close up of the jewelled area....