Saturday, 11 May 2013

I Take It All Back... (Tears On Tape)

Everyone loves music. If you play an instrument, write music or sing, then you're spurred on by passion. However, if like me, you've not a note in your head, don't even know how to hold a guitar, much less tickle the ivories, then you're probably an appreciator of those who can create.

At the age of 16 or 17, I believed that the best band to ever grace the world was HIM, a Finnish band who created a new genre in the early-to-mid 90's called "Love Metal". I still love HIM, they have a special place in my heart, they have a place on my body, but its different now. I needed them at that point in my life. They came into my life at the opportune moment, and they made everything better. When I listen to songs like "Kiss Of Dawn", which was one of my favorite tracks from the first album I ever bought (Venus Doom), I still remember the sunny days where I lay out in my garden and just listened.