Monday, 13 May 2013

Things That Piss Me Off...

Normally, I would leave this kind of thing to my lovely friend Aisling, aka The Rantigator, but today, I'm gonna have a bash at a good aul fashioned rant! I'm not going to tackle any particularly weighty topics, rather, I'll just have a moan about things that "grind my gears" as they say...

People who tell me one of the following...

"God, you're so skinny!"
"Have a ham sandwich or something!"
"Would you not try to put on some weight?!"

Right, here's the first thing. I weigh somewhere around 7st 4lb. I am naturally thin, though with that being said, if I got my mothers genes, I'll eventually be curvy, somewhere around the age of 23. The second thing, I eat!! I fucking adore food! I can't take dairy really and I'm not the biggest fan of certain meats, but I happen to hoover up roast dinners, cottage pies, any kind of pasta, I will mow through salads and paninis, and I can't get my fill of Mexican food. Making the assumption that I starve myself or limit my portions is rude and unnecessary! If you must know, I was on medication that slowed my metabolism and when I came off it, I went back to where I was beforehand.

I really shouldn't have to explain myself, but let me just clarify this one. My weight is nobody else's concern. It's just as rude and ignorant to comment on a thin persons weight, as it is to say to someone who is a size 18, "Would you not go on a diet, and try to slim down a bit?".

Take a long hard look in the mirror before you pick on someone's weight. Chances are, you're not perfect, yourself, love!