Monday, 27 May 2013

June Beauty Blog Challenge

I think its fair to say I'm not exactly consistent in my posting habits. I can post for 3 consecutive days, and then leave you guys sitting for a week or even a fortnight. So I'm going to challenge myself during the month of June, by attempting Girl Friday's June Beauty Blog Challenge! The aim of this is to help bloggers get used to regular posting, and you can even use the hashtag #JuneBBC on Twitter to help other challenge-takers (?) find you and keep up with your progress... It's multi platform and extremely inclusive...

Photo Credit: Girl Fridays Beauty Blog
(link above)

I hope a wee short post every day will help me to do a few things...

  • It will hopefully make me cut out on the waffle, I'm a bit long-winded as you guys may or may not know. Its a problem.
  • It will get me used to regular posting. 
  • It will definitely take me out of my comfort zone and that is something I am very up for trying!
The June Beauty Blog Challenge will cover the following;

1. Favourite eyeliner
2. Favourite brush
3. Favourite hair product
4. What’s in your shower/bath
5. Favourite foundation
6. Disappointing buys
7. Favourite lip product
8. Beauty Wishlist
9. Most recent beauty buy
10. Favourite nail polish
11. A bargain buy you’d recommend
12. An item you have bought because of blogs/vlogs
13. Makeup look you’d love to recreate
14. Favourite mascara
15. Favourite online shop
16. Skincare routine
17. Makeup skill you would love to perfect but struggle with
18. Favourite makeup brand
19. Who is your fashion/style icon
20. Favourite ‘high end’ product
21. Favourite nail look/nail art
22. 5 of your favourite beauty bloggers
23. What’s my face worth
24. Alternative use for an item you have – e.g. lipstick as blusher.
25. Primer – do you use it? Eyes, face etc
26. Best beauty advice you have been given
27. Biggest fashion mistake you have made
28. Favourite cheek product
29. 5 of your favourite beauty vloggers/YouTube videos
30. Recent empties / Reflecting on #JuneBBC

When I add a new post for the June BBC, I'll put the link in the list above, so hopefully by the end I'll have 30 live links! :D

Reading the list now, I can see some of these will be harder than others, what with being unable to pick a favorite nail polish, and all... But the challenge will make it exciting and fun.

Anyways, I hope you all are looking forward to this as much as I am, and I hope you hop on over to Girl Friday's blog and join in with all the fun!! 

Le GrĂ¡,