Saturday, 1 June 2013

June BBC Day 1: Favorite Eyeliner

Thanks, Google!!
Bourjois Khol&Contour 16h
Eyeliner has to be one of the things I've tried and tested over the years. I had the quintessential "rocker" phase, so this is going to be so easy to decide, though it could be considered cheating because rather than a favorite product, its a favorite brand...

Bourjois. Once it's made by Bourjois, I'll have it, thank you!

Khol and Contour 16h pencil liner in Ultra Black. For your waterline, this cant be beaten since it's the blackest black around. Two swipes, and this baby is opaque!

You know its well loved when its so beaten up and grotty that you have to source a picture from Google. You honestly can't even read the writing on my stubby little pencil anymore. In fact, I've had my one for so long, the writing has changed from gold to white.

Talk about a product that lasts, eh?