Sunday, 2 June 2013

June BBC Day 2: Favorite Brush

Brushes aren't a big deal to me like they are to some other bloggers. I know plenty of people who are loyal to Real Techniques, Eco Tools, MAC, even the H+M Brushes. I'm not pushed either way. I will use what does the job, brands are irrelevant. With that said, I have been lusting over the fluffy Real Techniques blush brush, and the Eco-Tools starter kit, but I tell myself I have brushes, I don't need to invest...yet!

My favorite brush right now is a tie between my H&M Kabuki brush, that I use for blush, and my Essence (gasp!) eye-shadow pencil brush...

H&M Kabuki Brush
Essence Pencil Eye-Shadow Brush

The H&M brush is a bit on the rough side, but not so bad that I wouldn't recommend it to others. It's coarseness is not off-putting, rather, it is comforting to a degree. Its a tough little brush. I've had it a long time. Its been through a lot. Its a great little brush, and it applies blush well... When I wear blush, that is!

My Essence pencil brush is amazing, its small, delicate and oh so soft! Not bad for €3.50, eh? I use it to blend a smokey eye when I'm going out. It's small and precise, and very very good at its job! Cannot recommend this particular brush highly enough. Budget beauty tools don't have to be crap anymore, with companies like Essence cornering a gap in the market. Definitely worth a look, ladies!

Le GrĂ¡,