Monday, 3 June 2013

JuneBBC Day 3: Favorite Hair Product

This is SO easy!

I adore Yes To Carrots Shampoo and Conditioner. There's no contest on this one. I cannot verbalize how wonderful they are, all round perfection just about covers it, but it doesn't do it justice either. They're almost all natural, paraben free, last for ages (I've had mine well over a month and used a quarter of them) which makes them excellent value for money, they smell divine and leave your hair nourished, shiny and squeaky clean. And come on, they are labelled "Nourishing Shampoo" and "Pampering Conditioner"... That's never going to be a bad thing, is it?

Yes To Carrot Shampoo and Conditioner
Take this from me. You NEED to try these. They will completely convert you. 

I promise, you won't be disappointed!!!

Le GrĂ¡,