Saturday, 8 June 2013

Whats in My Bag?

I think its fair to say that this topic is almost strictly a YouTube phenomenon. All you have to do is search for "What's in my Bag" and you will be inundated with results. Yet I've only seen one blog post on the subject and it made me want to try my hand at replicating the topic here, on my beloved blog.

The Bag Itself

My bag is a Living Dead Souls studded tote style bag. Its the biggest handbag I own, and it's one of the oldest too. There is a lot of nostalgia attached to this bag, since it was bought during the height of the awkward Emo phase I had between the ages of 16-19. I purchased this bag in a sale in Showco, that fantastic little shop in Georges Street Arcade that sells socks, lingerie, hats, and a lot of random alternative gear! Its a great place if you can get there during a sale. I paid about €20 for it, but it was originally €50 or €60. It's lining is plain black fabric printed all over with the words "Living Dead Souls". It has two short handles, that cannot be unattached, and one long strap with randomly sized, but uniformly placed studs.

June BBC Day 8: Beauty Wishlist

Everyone has one of these. I challenge you to find me one beauty blogger who doesn't have a list of products they would love to possess... Some of these will be mine soon enough, though, all going well!!

My wishlist goes like this.

China Glaze: The Capitol Collection
I LOVED the books, and I love the first movie, so combined with my love of nail polish, I would have to give this collection a mention.