Monday, 10 June 2013

Bucket List

Everyone says they have a bucket list, but most people don't actually have a physical list. I have a few things I want to do before my next birthday, so here I go, trying to make this list as attainable, but still goal-oriented as possible!

1. Pass the Driving Test...

I really want to pass my driving test first time. My dad did it, so why can't I?! I want to pass it well, come to think of it. I'm a pretty good driver, I have done my turnabout perfectly on a steep hill, first time in lessons, so here's hoping. My test date is July 4th, so it's getting close!! 

2. Get a Full-Time Job...

I barely suffered through college, and then I had some problems with my mental health so I've been out of work for a while now, and while most people would say "Go back to college you silly girl!!", I just want to enter the working world, save some money and figure out where my life is headed! I really don't think its fair to expect kids aged 17/18 to know what they want to do with their lives. I'm 21 and I still don't know what I'm good at!! 

3. Help Someone Face A Fear...

I've been plenty scared in my day, lots of worries and silly hurdles I had to jump! But I've jumped them, and I have my amazing friends and boyfriend to thank for helping me find the courage to overcome them. I've faced my fear of needles this year, and I've found the courage to be more public with my blogging endeavors! The biggest one was having blood taken, and Chris actually came down from Dundalk, spent the night in my house and got up early to come and hold my hand when the nurse took the blood. Top boyfriend, is my Christopher!!

4. Thank Everyone Who Has Been There For Me At My Worst...

I probably won't ever be able to do this one properly. I will stress that word, properly, because I will do it, but not enough. There will never be enough gratitude, thanks and hugs for all the people who stayed up countless nights with me, fought with me, kicked me up the bum, told me the truth, and let me just say what I had to, in order to get better. I even have specialist doctors to thank, because they got me on a level, and aside from mini cracks, I'm the new and improved Amy! Finally!!

5. Go Compound...

I've been a Recurve shooter for years now, but my shoulder is, to use the technical term, "fucked" because I've been a twonk and not stretched, except a handful of times. Cue me being pretty much saddled with a bum rotator cuff for the forseeable future! This means, that I have two choices; Compound Archery, or no Archery! I thiiiink I'll shoot the compound for the time being!

Whats on your bucket list? Is there anything in particular you want to achieve by your next birthday?? What do you think of my list? Should I add anything??


June BBC Day 10: Favorite Nail Polish

There's no way I can answer this. I'm a nail polish addict. I physically cannot pick a favorite. No way. Mm-mm, not happening!

What I can do is share what I'm currently loving.

Essie Watermelon, oh how I adore thee!! I bought it on Friday the 31st and repainted my nails every day with it until the following Wednesday. I've been hopelessly stuck on it, unlike so many of my other polishes!

2/3 coats for opacity, and it dries in double-quick time! Fan-tabulous!!

If you've been keeping up with this challenge, then you'll know I'm a Watermelon obsessive. I kept overlooking Essie because of the price-tag, but I could resist no longer.

€12.99 in Boots seems like a lot, but they are forever doing 3 for 2 deals, so keep your eyes open for bargain opportunities!