Monday, 17 June 2013

June BBC Day 17: A Makeup Skill You Would Love To Perfect, But Struggle With

Well girls, as you know, I'm not the girl who wears a full face every day. I can do it going out, but not regularly. The last night I went out with a full face on was last November. Even on my 21st birthday, I didn't wear a full on face.

Credit: Jeddah Beauty

You see, if I put on a full face, I feel I have to contour. Amy can't contour. I just wind up looking silly. Either I use too much, and look dirty, or I use too little and you can't even see it! It's a nightmare!! I would rather just go out, looking like my usual self, than go out with no contouring, or worse still, God awful contouring!

The other thing I can't seem to nail, is that nose slimming business you see the likes of Michelle Phan at. What's the story there? I must be doing it wrong, cause I can see absolutely no difference when I try. 

Highlighting! There's another one! I can highlight the brow-bone no bother at all, but ask me to highlight a cheek-bone, and you might as well be talking to a man. A dead man, at that. 

Well, I've made myself look sufficiently inept at all things beauty, so that's it from me today! Here's to the home straight, girls!! 2 weeks til its all over... *weeps*

So what is something you are absolutely hopeless at? Is it any of my choices? Have you no idea how to do a smokey eye? Can you not apply lipliner to save your life??