Wednesday, 19 June 2013

June BBC Day 21: Favourite Nail Look/Nail Art

Ever since I stopped biting my nails, I have been a nail art addict. I have been known to do a manicure 5 times a week, but when I love a nail polish I will wear it to death, too! Lucky for me, today I get to yammer on about my favorites overall today!! :D

When I was still a newbie to nails, I was all about building a good polish collection! My NYC Mint Green colour remains one of my favorites to this day! So pretty!!

 Let me explain the picture above! I'm an archer and the handle of my bow is orange glitter and white tribal detailing. Its a thing of beauty!! I had been out with an injury (and some mental blocks) for a few months and when I was making my comeback, as it were, I decided to do it in style!! It looked lovely, but that Rimmel Shirley Temple polish was a bastard to get off!

Nail Foils are a big thing right now! I picked up some Models Own in a Boots clearance bin for less than €3 and decided to rock them. They reminded me of Gatsby...How sad am I?? The packet contains loads of sizes, and that's probably so you can make your fingers and toes all matchy-matchy, but I prefer to keep the spares and then re-use them later!

Yesterday I decided to ditch the foil/polish combo and go for a bright colour an glitter! I have to admit, it took me more than one attempt to get these looking so good! The polish gods tested me to breaking point!! The combo is Essence That's What I Mint and Cool Breeze special effects topper! 

What are your favourites of my choices? Do you have any combos that you wish you had discovered sooner? What do you thing of my Essence combo?


June BBC Day 19: Fashion/Style Icon

Let me just state this for the record. I have little to no fashion sense when it comes to what to wear on a day-to-day basis. Normally I gravitate towards a rocker look, because its comfy not just clothes-wise, but its comfy to me in a nostalgic, warm memory kind of way.

For years, and years I have been a huge fan of the Finnish Love-Metal band HIM. Their lead singer, Ville Valo seems to have made a fine art of "dressy-causal-grunge-sexy". And yes, I'm aware that he's a dude, and I'm aware that he's in the rock scene a lot more legitimately than I, but I really don't care. I adore his style and I try to emulate it where I can.

Beaten up Converse, ripped up jeans, skinny scarves, smudged eyeliner... It's just like catnip to me! Oh, and lets not get me started on the jewelry and tattoos! Yum!

You may not like it, but you can't deny, Valo's got style!!

Next up, a more girly style icon! Lucy Hale.

I love Lucy Hale, she's what beautiful would look like if the dictionary could have pictures! She's got this kind of, dark but quirky and fun style that I find really appealing! I love the way she always looks done, but not too overdone! That's a balance I find hard to get right! I love the way she manages to look effortlessly chic in what I consider to be daring outfits!

I certainly don't think I could pull off shorts, a bright colour AND an animal print all in one look, but Lucy does it!

So, ladies, who are your style icons? Were you shocked by my choices? Have you any unusual choices when it comes to emulating someones fashion sense?

Let me know!!