Saturday, 22 June 2013

Short and Sexy...


You know you're doing something pretty drastic when the stylist who was assigned to cut your hair for you refuses!

That's what happened to me, anyways!

Kandee Johnson, rockin her short locks!!
Last Tuesday, after a week of sitting on the idea that I was going to get my hair cut, into a similar style as rocked by the beautiful Kandee Johnson, I booked myself in. Lucky for my broke ass, it was Half Price Tuesday, so I was going to get value out of my €25!!

I wake pretty early, so I rang at 9.15 and they told me they would have a spot for me at 2.30!! Deadly! So up I got, had a shower, got ready to go out and do my errands that needed doing in the morning, and before I knew it, it was 1.15 and time to walk into the village to get my hair cut. I was beyond early, so I wandered around the two chemists in Enfield and tried to kill some time!

When I did eventually make it into the hairdressers chair, my noggin all dripping and smelling of Salon Shampoo, I showed the girl the pictures I had on my phone so she could see what it was I was after! I showed her the pictures you see to the left and below, right.

She took one look at them, and told me I was nuts. I pretty much laughed flat out in her face. Hair grows!! And anyhow, I'm a paying customer, I expect to get what I ask for!

She excused herself and got a fellow stylist to come out and have a look at me, and my pictures too. This new stylist was far more into what I wanted! I was delighted when she said she'd do it. The last thing I want is to be made second guess myself when I am excited for a big change. Frankly, change usually scares the bejesus out of me, and when I'm as pumped for it as I was on Tuesday, I really don't need to be judged and questioned.

She combed my hair out, checked and rechecked the pictures and thoroughly explained what she would be doing to make sure it suited me perfectly, and then as she clipped up my hair, combed out a section at the back, and looked at me dead in the eye (through the mirror), she asked me, her tone utterly serious, "Are you sure this is what you want??"...

I had the biggest smile on my face as I replied to her with an unerringly clear "Yes!", and she got right down to it!

Snip, snip, chop, chop.

An hour later, the floor around my chair was completely ginger! I must have weighed at least a pound lighter and I was thrilled!

My lovely stylist was delighted at how happy I was and I think she knew in her heart that I really did need the change! She blow-dried my newly cropped hair, all the while saying "Gosh its so different, you look brilliant" etc, etc.

She put some product in my hair, and this really is the only bit I had an issue with. She told me it was matte. It was the shiniest gel on the face of this planet, actually!

When I was paying at the counter, I made a point of asking the girl who was originally meant to be my stylist what she thought. She conceded that I looked good, but I was still mental. Well, I am mental, but that's not for a stranger to point out to me!

So when I got home I jumped straight in the shower to wash the gel out, and wash all the stray hairs off my back!!

When I hopped out of my shower, dried my hair again, and pouffed it up the way I wanted it (with actual matte Fructis styling clay) I was somehow even more thrilled! Like a complete loser I went looking for my hot pink bandana so I could tie it in my hair a la Kandee!

To all the girls out there who want to change their hair, I want you to go out and do it! Even if you only like it for a week and then decided it was the worst choice ever, HAIR GROWS!!!

I for one absolutely love my new look, I have never felt sexier or more confident in my life, and I am glad to say that my amazing boyfriend still finds me sexy and attractive too! People have been complimenting me all week, including one woman telling me I looked "sexy as hell", and another saying "Jesus I didn't know who it was for the minute!!"

Feeling confident in my own skin, and under my new hair has helped me to ooze sex-appeal like I never knew I could! Who says you have to have long hair to be gorgeous? Kandee Johnson certainly doesn't, and neither do I!

Go for it, gorgeous, make that change, whether its dying your hair a crazy colour, going blonde, getting the chop or whatever! I know you can rock it!!

What do you think? Is it your tastes? Would you ever go for a drastic change like I did?? What do you think of Kandee Johnsons hair?


June BBC Day 22: 5 Favorite Beauty Bloggers

Well girls, I just want to state for the record here and now, that this list is in no particular order! I love y'all equally! So long as we have that clear, I'll proceed with my list and I'll even gush a bit cause I can!


Audrey's blog The Nail Affair was the first nail art blog I ever came across when I was starting out on this journey of blogging! I remember seeing her post on the collection of nail polishes she had and thinking "That's....quite a lot of polish!!" and as far as I can see, now that I count her among my blogging peers, that number is ever on the increase!! Good on ya girl! There are worse things to be addicted to, that's for damn sure!! xx


I remember first stumbling over Dani's YouTube channel back when it was under the moniker of FizzSedition! I think the "Sedition" bit was what caught my eye, since I'm good mates with a guy who runs a thing called "Sedition Industries" and curiosity got the better of me! It worked out for the best because I quickly found out she was a talented make-up guru and I hit the subscribe button! Her YouTube has since moved to the channel GlamourNazi of which I am a faithful subscriber too! Funny story actually, I may or may not have been that girl who came up to you at FFAF to say I really liked your videos!! *blush*

Girl Friday!

Last month, when I was on the look out for a challenge to partake in, GirlFriday was the challenge creator I was linked to! After 20-odd days of consistently reading her posts, I have decided she is among my favourites for mixing high-end and budget brands together in a way I just find wonderful! She doesn't poo-poo the budget nor is she uppity for the high end! Girl Friday seems to be the nice, all round beauty blogger that I wish I could be! Top marks!!


I've known Kayliegh for 2 years or more at this point and I can pretty much state for the record, that she has a brilliant sense of style! She blogs about celebrity style icons like Lauren Conrad and the Kardashians, as well as make-up and other girly things, and quite frankly, her blog is an education for someone like me! I love her blog and I highly recommend that you check her out at Kayliegh Land


Another good friend of mine (huzzah for real life friends!!), but also a very talented blogger! She blogs about everyday things, my favourite of which was entitled "Nemisis of Nom" and pertained to her love affair with bread! I have to say, I am right there with her on the bread front...nom nom nom!! You should check her out for more lovely stuff!!

Who are your favourite bloggers? Do you like my choices? Don't forget to check out the 5 very impressive blogs I've linked up yonder! Have you any recommendations??