Sunday, 23 June 2013

June BBC Day 23: Whats My Face Worth?

Most of you have learned over the course of this challenge that I'm not a big fan of putting on a full face of make-up everyday. The way I see it, how will people notice a difference if you go out everyday, moseying about your business in full drag?! I fully believe its better to look like your normal self on a day to day basis, and then hike up the Glam Levels when you're going out!

On a normal day I just do my brows, eyeliner, mascara, and lips. Sometimes I will use concealer, powder and maybe a wee bit of blush but its quite rare I would add those extra steps!

Yesterday, I went around the shops to take precise note of all the prices of the products I use, so I could be as accurate as possible!

I'll start from the bottom, this time around, with lips!

I'm sure you are all fully sick of me going on about these products at this point, but they are everyday essentials for me!

My Essence Lip-liner is in the shade "Femme Fatale" and my Natural Collection lipstick is Crimson. I love the combo of these two lip products together, and I have to admit that by some happy coincidence, they match perfectly!!

Essence Lipliner is €1.29 in any Penneys/Primark and local pharmacies nationwide!

Natural Collection lipstick is €3.09 in every Boots in the country!!

Next up, we'll tackle the eyes!

I am a huge convert to the Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara!! It's just my holy grail mascara at this point! I wouldn't ever be unfaithful to it... God, I sound like a crazy person!

The wand is magical, and the formula doesn't burn my eyes, even when I have lenses in!

The picture of my eye really doesn't do it the justice it deserves, really, which is a shame...

You can find this amazing mascara at any Maybelline stand, in any decent chemists, and in Boots for €11.99

Eyeliner is the one thing I've yet to nail my colours to the mast about! for pencil eyeliner, I'm pretty much a Bourjois Kohl pencil girl, but for liquid, I vary between Loréal Superliner and the Essence Eyeliner Pen.

Bourjois Kohn Pencil is €8.19
Loréal Superliner is €15.29
Essence is €3.49

Finally, my brows.

Now while I stand by my "I hate Rimmel" opinion, I must admit defeat in regards to their eyebrow pencil in 002 Hazel, because its the only pencil I've found that doesn't make my poor ginger brows look like they're brown! €4.99-ish (I forgot to look for this when I was in Boots!)

For my everyday face, that's a grand total of €48.33... Wow. I'm actually stunned!!!

I shudder to think what my full face would be for a night out!!

What is your face worth? Are you shocked by how much my face is worth?? Drop me a line in the comments below!!