Monday, 24 June 2013

June BBC Day 24: Alternative Uses for Items

Essence I <3 Stage - €3.59
Usually when I buy a product, its bought because I need it to do its intended job!

With that said, I do have one use for a product that isn't exactly what it's meant for!

Primer! More specifically, eyeshadow primer. You may be wondering what the hell I use primer for, if not to prime my lids for shadow! Well the answer is very simple. I put it under my concealer on days where I know that concealer alone wont do the job.

A dab of this on my ring finger, on to my spots and imperfections, and I'm reassured that my concealer (usually set with a wee bit of powder) will stay put!

What other uses do you have for your make-up products? Do you use lipstick as a blusher, in a pinch?

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