Tuesday, 25 June 2013

June BBC Day 25: Primer

Primer is one of those products some people swear by, but others avoid at all costs! I admit, I'm not taken by face primers, however, I love eye-shadow primers. Maybe its because I'm not a "Daily Face" kind of girl, maybe I just missed the boat on the whole foundation primer thing...

Eye-shadow primer is great. I have been a big fan of the No.7 Eye-shadow Primer since I was about 17, but recently, I've been loving both NYC colour's offering as well as Essence's! I will happily state that I think Essence stands up to the quality of No.7, no problem!!

Essence I<3 Stage- €3.59

As far as face-primer goes... The only one I ever tried was Rimmel and I HATED it! It made my skin feel weird and tingly, and not in the good way! It works for some of you, and that's great, its affordable and readily available, but I cant abide the stuff. If you can recommend a decent one, at a decent price, by all means, be my guest!

What is your opinion on primers? Have you any favorites? Would you try any of the ones I've mentioned?? 

Let me know!!