Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Girl Crushes!

Ladies, I put it to you: The "Girl-Crush" is a part of you, whether you admit it or not!

I have absolutely no problem admitting that I find women attractive, in the aesthetic sense. There have been countless times where I have been included in a conversation with one of my male friends to the tune of; "What do you think of (insert name here)'s arse/rack/face?". In these situations I just seem to take on a male perspective and roll with it. It's nothing new to me.

As a result, I find myself having more than one girl crush! So lets get a list going, shall we?

Carey Mulligan.

There's just something about this woman that I cannot get my head around. She's flawless, in my eyes. Her acting is amazing and she just brings something to every role she takes that I doubt anyne else could. When I first saw her, it was in the movie Never Let Me Go, based on the acclaimed novel by Kazuo  Ishiguro. That novel... wow. I actually had to put it down multiple times because it made me so upset. The movie, in a similar manner, left me feeling numb. I loved it. Movies that can do that to me are instantly added to my collection. Her narration and acting were superb. So when I found out that she was taking the role of Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann's cinematic masterpiece (I didn't know that it was a masterpiece at the time, but we'll overlook that) portrayal of F Scott Fitzgerald's modern classic "The Great Gatsby", I knew I would have to see it. Take it from me, she is everything you want, and so much more.

 Bonnie Wright.

Let me just show my Ginger Love right now. You probably know Bonnie Wright better for her role in the Harry Potter movie franchise, as Ginny Weasley. But look at her! She's stunning! A definite point in the favour of red-headed folk everywhere!

Bonnie is an accomplished actress, model, a screenwriter and even a director! This girl has her fingers in all kinds of pies, eh?! The woman is a fox, and if there are any guys reading this, it's my pleasure to tell you that she is a single pringle!

Kiera Knightley. 

Can I just make this joke and get it out of the way?? More like Kiera Twice-Knightley!!!

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my system... Just look at her. She's a complete stunner. Remember her in Bend it Like Beckham? Yup, me too! I was hooked from the first time I saw her. She just seems to be able to do ANYTHING! And I know, she's known for her Period Roles in movies like "The Dutchess" and "Pride and Prejudice" but she was in Braveheart, Pirates of The Caribbean, and stacks of others. I would not dare to typecast her, not ever! She's too versatile for that kind of crap! And she has to be praised for never bowing to pressure about her figure. She rocks her A-cup and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that's a brilliant stance to have. She proves to flat-chested girls everywhere that you don't have to be busty to be beautiful! In fact, sometimes I wish my chest was smaller so I could look as delicate as she does!

Have you any girl-crushes? Which of my picks is your favorite?


June BBC Day 26: Best Beauty Advice You've Been Given

I've been given plenty of beauty advice in my day, often by well meaning friends and family. When I was only a little nipper, my Gran told me "Too much lipstick makes you look like a tart!!", which was hardly constructive, but definitely memorable!

As I got older, and got into secondary school, we were told by a teacher "Tinted moisturizer is more beneficial than foundation, so we will let the girls away with that if you want to have a little coverage...". Now, while I was in school, I wore absolutely NO makeup, bar maybe a little eyeliner, so that didn't apply to me!

As you guys know (since I never shut up about it) I wear very little makeup, on a day to day basis. That's because the best advice I was given was to let my skin breathe. Don't constantly clog your pores with heavy make-up, don't put on a full face for cleaning the house, and don't for the love of god, please don't go to bed with makeup on!!

The best advice I could give somebody is to remember that nothing is more beautiful than a confident smile. Even if you have to fake it, you will find yourself less bothered by how people see you, if you can even pretend to see yourself in a "I am ... and I am a beautiful princess!!" kind of light!!

You are beautiful (even if you don't believe me, I wont lie to you!)