Friday, 28 June 2013

June BBC Day 28: Favourite Cheek Product...

I'm not a big hoarder of blush, or bronzers, I don't compulsively purchase them like I do nail-polish or lipsticks. 

I own one bronzer, one blush and I'm ashamed to say I wouldn't even know where to buy a highlighter. Unless it's a pink stationary item, that is!! 

So, for all intents and purposes, my favourite cheek product is my Natural Collection blush in the shade "Peach Melba". I fully admit that I bought it for its name. I adore peaches and peach-flavoured or scented anything. However, I digress. 

The blush is on the left, with my pressed powder to give a better idea of size. Despite having this particular blush in my life for well over a year, I have yet to hit pan! 

This blush just gives a sweet hint of colour which would be my preference over a full on pop of a bright pink shade! For this reason, I classify it as buildable and extremely blendable. A steal, when its only €3.09 a pop in Boots!! 

What's your favourite cheek product? Do you favour bronzer over blush? Highlighter? What do you think of my choice? Have you ever tried it? 

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