Saturday, 29 June 2013

June BBC Day 29: Top 5 Beauty Vloggers/ Youtube Videos

This is gonna be SO easy!! I am a fiend for watching YouTube beauty gurus!

By far, my favorite Vlogger or Beauty Guru is Bunny!!

You can find her on the YouTube channel Grav3yardgirl.

I love her, she's a crazy Texan, she loves her red lipstick, and is just all around enjoyable to watch! Another point in her favour is that she is a thrifter, which I adore about her because I love to thrift too! She has problems with anxiety and stuff too so I find her easy to relate to, and her crazy nature brightens my days no matter how crappy I'm feeling!

Next up, I'm gonna talk about Leigh-Ann. 

 Leighannsays is another crazy Texan, and I love her. She is a bit odd too, but that's something I find enjoyable so for me its not a problem. 

She reviews a lot of products, as well as hauls and does tutorials. She's a big fan of drugstore products and seems to review products honestly but not bluntly or disparagingly. Her empties videos are also hugely enjoyable and as she usually puts it, "More trash to review for you!!"

The next one, I feel I may have to defend. 

Bethany, of Macbarbie07! She may be considerably younger than me, but I have to admit she is vastly more knowledgeable than I at the ol' beauty business! 

I find her tutorials really helpful and easy to follow, and her favorites videos never fail to make me laugh. 

I don't care that she's only what, 18? She makes me smile!

"Girl on Fire" nails by CutePolish inspired by Katniss Everdeen
What kind of a polish addict would I be if I let my favourite nail art Youtuber out?? Step on up CutePolish!! 

You may never see her face, but with the video tutorials she puts up, why would you want to?! Its all part of the charm, the mystique. She has videos of the best nail art I've ever seen, ranging from the simplest accent nails, to the most bizarre, fuzzy Cheshire Cat nails! 
Finally, a recent addition to my beauty guru subscriptions, Kandee Johnson

Kandee has to be the happiest girl on the planet! She just radiates this relaxed happiness that instantly brightens even the cloudiest of days!

Her short hair inspired to me to make a change I was so desperately craving and I haven't looked back. I doubt she will ever see this, but thanks, Kandee, you inspired me, and now it takes me no time to get ready in the mornings!

So, those are my Top 5 Beauty Vloggers! Do you like my choices? Who do you rate in your top 5?  

Drop me a comment down below!!