Sunday, 30 June 2013

June BBC Day 30: Recent Empties, and Reflecting... (Final Challenge Post)

Well, girls. It's been fun. I can't believe this challenge is over. I admit that I am glad to have made it through, even when I thought my posting would be majorly up-heaved by family circumstances. I made it through. 30 posts, sometimes even two a day, making up the June Beauty Blog Challenge (click that link for a complete list of my June BBC posts), and my own blogging endeavors alongside it.

I want to thank GirlFriday for creating this challenge, and for the re-tweets, favorites and generally just for allowing me the opportunity to participate in this project!

So. Empties.

I am not very hard on my make-up/beauty products, I must admit. It takes me a long time to hit pan, or kill a tube.

Things I have used up:

Not one, but two packs of my Skin Wisdom Youth Protect facial wipes!

 Since this picture was taken, I have killed my Natural Collection Pressed Powder!

I really enjoyed the June BBC but I think I will be taking a break between challenges since this was so intense!!

Did you enjoy the June BBC? Tell me your thoughts!!