Saturday, 6 July 2013

Brush Review - Eco Tools

Yesterday, I went off shopping with my friend and fellow blogger Kayliegh. We traipsed around Dundalks wonderful shopping centre "The Marshes" for a few hours, fawning over make-up in Boots and Penneys, clothes pretty much everywhere we turned, and The Kardashian Kollection handbags!! After my disastrous day, that was Thursday, a pick me up (and a chance to catch up) was just what the doctor ordered! 

One of the things I picked up was the Eco Tools Starter Set. This is €19.99 in Boots! The pair of us kept going back to the brushes, and in the end I said "I'll get one and you get one!!". So we did. Like true money-savvy types, the little bottles of scented things, the mini's of Soap And Glory and the bottles of anti-spot lotion were put back onto shelves and we just went for the brushes! 

Brushes are an investment. I kept thinking to myself, that if I bought good brushes I'd be set for years to come. Which is true. I hope. 

The Eco Tools Six-Piece Starter Set (pictured, right) was a great investment. As soon as I got home, I whipped open the bag, snapped a few pics and then I got into the good bit: testing them out. 

Why Should I Buy Them??

Look at them and tell me you're not drooling over them! They are cruelty-free, soft as a baby bunny and made from recycled and sustainable stuff! If that's not a great reason to buy them, then I don't know what is! Vegan people would love them!!!

The Brushes, Themselves

I must repeat, these are some of the softest brushes I've ever known! The blush brush is just a complete treat for the cheeks. Beyond soft and definitely a worthwhile purchase, even on its own. 

As well as a Blush brush, you get the following:
-A lash and brow groomer
-A concealer brush
-A flat eyeshadow brush 
-An angled eyeliner brush
And a detailer/lip brush.

This set is also packaged in a wonderful pouch with two pockets, one with a zipper, the other with a button-down flap! I can definitely see myself getting use from it, it's pretty slim and handy to have.

What I Think So Far:

I love them already. 

I played around with them last night and I am delighted with them! €20 for such a good quality, ethical product that makes you feel good inside, and look good outside?? Yes, please! 

I will definitely be going out and getting the flat-top kabuki brush, as well as the limited edition minis!! 

All in all, I bought these in a whim, though I had a well informed opinion from what Kayliegh had told me about them in the past!! 

I would recommend these to anyone, whether your starting out or whether you need to replace old brushes. This set would be great for newbies and seasoned veterans of makeup, alike! 

What do you think? Would you like to try these brushes? Have you ever tried these in the past?? Would you like me to review my Real Techniques brushes soon??

Drop me a line and let me know!!