Monday, 29 July 2013

Whats In My Make-Up Bag?

We all have our essentials, girls! Most of our contents will be similar, but I know some of my lovely readers are nosey, so this is for my nosey girls!


The Bag Itself:

I got this make-up bag in Penney's, for €4.00. It're pretty sizeable, fitting all my bits and bobs perfectly.

While I'm home, I don't keep everything in it, but when I go to Dundalk or anywhere else, it's got all my stuff in it.

I do, however, keep all my brushes in another smaller make-up bag. I want them to be protected and safe from harm.

How motherly of me!

Facial Products:

BB Cream, Moisturiser and at the moment, a primer all get toted around. My BB Cream is Maybelline Dream Pure in Medium.

I'm trialling the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer, right now, in a bid to shake my hatred for Rimmel face products.

I swear by my Skin Wisdom moisturiser for sensitive skin! It sinks in quickly, is non greasy and leaves my skin feeling like velvet!!


Usually, I bring whatever foundation and concealer I'm loving at the time in my make-up bag. I'm a fickle creature, and so that changes frequently. I'm currently loving my Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Foundation and Concealer.

Other times, I will bring my Barbara Daly oil free foundation, or my 17 BB Cream.

Powder and Blush:

I adore my Natural Collection Pressed Powder and Blush. These two gems are super soft, pigmented and fragrance free. Although they come in 3 shades each, they seem to be able to adapt to everybodys skin tone. Both can be found in any Boots, and retail for €3.09 a pop. Bargain, much?!

I must admit though, to all my ebony-skinned ladies out there, they have yet to offer base products in your beautiful shades yet!


I am beyond fickle in the search for a good eyeliner. I literally carry my top 3 at the time everywhere I go. At this moment, its a 3-way tie between my Loreal Superliner, my ELF Liquid liner and my Bourjois Kohl pencil.


I use the biggest bronzer in the world to contour under my cheek bones. It's an Essence Sun Club for Blondes, and light skin.

With a light hand, and a small, tapered Eco Tools brush, I use it to contour just under my cheekbones, and lately, down my nose, ever-so lightly!

My highlighter is Physicians Formula Translucent Pearls. This works for all skin types as it just adds a sheen to your natural skin tone, or over your foundation.


Yet another mention for my The Rocket mascara!! I adore this offering from Maybelline, and I would be lost without it!

My lash curlers are just a bog standard Infinity set, from any good chemist!

If anyone has tried the waterproof version of this mascara, please let me know what you thought of it, in the comments.

Lip Care:

I go nowhere without my Lush Lip Scrub and my Carmex. Who knows when a dry, bitty lip is going to strike?!

The lip scrub leaves your lips feeling tingly, and then slathering the Carmex over the top adds to the tingle, healing your lips beautifully, leaving them ready for colour.

Lip Colour:

I wouldn't be Red Lips, Red Hair without a red lip, now would I? I generally opt for my Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Lip Color in Red Passion when I'm going to Dundalk, since Chris likes it because it doesn't transfer onto him when I kiss him.

I do, however bring another red-lip product in case I fancy a change (ELF Matte Lip Crayon is my second in command at the moment), and often, I'll bring something muted in case we have to go anywhere that a red lip wouldn't be appropriate.

Whats in your make-up bag?? You should do a post, and tweet me, so I can be nosey in turn!! :P

Love and stuff,