Saturday, 3 August 2013

Newry Haul (Beauty and Make-Up)

For those of you who follow me on  Twitter, let me apologise for the week of going on, and on and on some more about my trip to Newry. I was so excited for it! And, it didn't disappoint.

I suppose I should clarify straight of the bat, that I was hell bent on getting Sleek products, but despite trawling the city, couldn't find a single hint of a Sleek counter. I made up for it though. As you'll soon see...

The first place we went to ("We" being my long suffering boyfriend, and I) was to Superdrug. I was admittedly like a demon when I was told by a very apologetic sales lady that there was, in fact, no Sleek products to be found in this branch. Grr! But, while the sun shines, you make hay, as we say back home. I was still in Superdrug, I still had a wad of pounds in my wallet, sure, I was obliged to make the most of it!

On the first trip around Superdrug, I bee-lined for the MUA stand.

Blush! I was not leaving without my two blush products that I lusted over on the website! I picked up Bubble Gum and Marshmallow, two gorgeous blushes for £1.00 each!

Then I remembered needing bright blue liquid eyeliner, and I found that on the MUA stand, again, for a seriously steep (sarcasm doesn't go well over text) £1.00 price-tag. 

Last but not least, I spied a lipstick trio, of 3 gorgeous red shades, under the moniker of "Temptress". £1.50? I am Red-Lips-Red-Hair, so it would have been rude not to! I have yet to swatch them, but I will be doing some filmed reviews so keep an eye on my YouTube channel for those!

Right around the corner from the MUA stand, was the NYC stand, and while I am fully aware we can get NYC down south, in any Primark worth its salt, I couldn't let the prices go un-noticed. £2.49 for a beautifully scented, Appleliscious Glossy Lip-Balm? It had to be mine. It's also got a sheer, yet still pigmented payoff, so I was subsequently impressed, and SOLD! The shade I picked up was 356: Big Apple Red. 

Who failed to inform me that Accessorize had a line of really nicely pigmented eye shadow palettes?! I was thrilled to see these amazing, 32-Shade Palettes, and so I picked up the "Exposed" Palette. It was £6.95, and worth every penny, since the pigmentation is fabulous and the colours range from matte, to full on shimmer.

My last make-up purchase on the first trip to Superdrug was the Look Beauty Cheeky Trio. I was not leaving without a face contour kit of some description, so I picked this up, in the shade Candy-Floss (For Light Skin). It's very pigmented and soft, so I think it will be blendable and gorgeous on the cheeks. It comes with a peachy bronzer, a dusty rose-pink blush, and a champagne coloured, slightly shimmering highlight. The packaging, while plastic, does not feel even the slightest bit cheap. £8.00 for this very impressive, and compact trio. 

Finally, I knew from spending time on Superdrug's website, that they had a 4 for 3 offer on facemasks. Who was I to pass up such value?! I picked an Apricot Exfoliating Mask, a Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask, a Purifying Cucumber Peek Off Mask, and a Fruit Sorbet Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask. I am dying to try each of these out, and I will review each one in detail. For £.99p each, but £3.00 in the offer, how could you go wrong?

After going from Superdrug, across the river to The Buttercrane, the first place I went was Sally's Salon Supplies. I did ask Chris, as we were walking over to the shopping centre to slap me if he saw me with nail polishes in my hands at any point, but I think he knew, when he saw my face after seeing China Glaze on sale in Sallys for £1.28 a bottle, that he knew better.

I picked up three crackle glazes, and one regular shade. The crackle glazes are Tarnished Gold, Crushed Candy, and Latticed Lilac. The plain shade is Elephant Walk. I adore all 4 polishes, even though I hardly even glanced at them before I paid for them. I have a problem.

Before we went home, I decided to get some last minute bits in Superdrug, so I went back over where the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's were on a 3 for 2 deal. I had noticed them when we were there the first time, but decided to leave them because I was trying to exercise rationality and have some sense. I think we can all agree I have none of those things, so when we went back over (Chris wanted to get some shaving stuff and the like) I nipped over, picked up 3 neutral shades and handed him the money, so we could pay together. 

The Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo's that I got were Timeless Black, Permanent Taupe, and Eternal Silver. Yum! 3 very "Me" shades, and very me prices!

All in all, I think I was very reserved in Superdrug, though I did go a bit blind in Sally's. I swear, I didn't see the shades, just the bargains.

This is only Part One of my Newry Haul, I also bought DVD's, a Book, Shoes, and clothes too, as well as a glorious handbag. Keep an eye out, It should be online tomorrow or the next day!

What do you think of my purchases? Do you think I went overboard? What is your favourite bargain in this haul?

Drop me a comment!!

Shopaholics of Ireland, Unite!!