Monday, 5 August 2013

MUA Blusher Review

On a recent trip to Newry, the idea of which was to procure make-up brands we find hard to get down here in the Republic, I picked up two MUA (Make Up Acadamy) blushes (on Audrey's recommendation) for £1.00 each.

Left: Marshmallow; Right: Bubble Gum

                                             Left: Marshmallow; Right: Bubble Gum

These blushes come in sleek black and clear acetate packaging and snap closed with a very reassuring "click". For £1.00 that can't be faulted. They are also slim and very compact, though the pans are large enough to be considered generous, especially for the price. 
                                    Marshmallow and Bubble Gum, good enough to eat? 

When I tested these out, by swatching each of the colours, I was extremely impressed with the softness and the pigmentation! They glide on with wondrous ease and they are super easy to blend. I know I'm labouring the point here, but these beauties are a pound!!!

This is what they look like on...
                                Left Cheek: Marshmallow; Right Cheek: Bubble Gum

As you can probably tell from the pictures, the Marshmallow shade is much more pink-toned than the Bubble gum, which has an almost coral hint. 

All in all, I am very impressed with the quality of these bargain gems! They are beautiful and very easy to apply, with wonderful results! 

What do you think? Are they as impressive in your opinion as they are in mine?