Friday, 23 August 2013

That's What I'm Talkin' About... Real Techniques

Real Techniques brushes are my all-time favorite brushes, let's just clarify that here and now. The day I invested in the Eye Started Kit and Chris bought me the Core Collection, I knew it was true love. I have since bought the Blush and Powder brushes, bringing my total collection to 12 out of 19 (not counting the Limited Edition Duo Fiber brushes).

Before I had these brushes in my life, I was inept at any kind of nice make-up, and as a result, I stuck to the same old, tired looks, unable to take risks, because they always looked dire! I am, after all, the girl who wore BB Cream on a night out, and went barefaced all day every day.

All that has changed, because of these brushes. On the back of all the packaging, there is a quote from Samantha Chapman, "With simple tricks and high-tech tools, every woman can be an expert...", which I believe to be absolutely true. Ever since I started using Real Techniques, I have been getting compliments on my eye-makeup, my blush, everything! I've got such a big head because of Sam Chapman, it's crazy.

I have recommended these brushes all around myself, both online and in real life. I would never recommend something I didn't personally adore. They are so worth the money, and once you take care of them, they will make your makeup look ah-mazing! They have actually given me confidence in my abilities.

To wash my RT brushes, I pop some Johnson's Baby Shampoo in a cup (about the size of a €1 coin) and fill it halfway with water. Then I dunk my brushes (usually I start with my foundation brush so I can use it to combine the water and shampoo)and swirl them on my hand to get a lather up. I squeeze the excess lather out of them, and when all the pigment is gone (you'll know once the foam stops coming up tinted with foundation/shadow/whatever) I rinse the with barely warm water, and swirl them more, to be sure the foam has dissipated so they are squeaky clean.

Once every brush is clean, I shake them over the sink to drive out the majority of the excess water, and then squeeze them in a clean towel. I have invested in Brush Guard tape to re-shape the brushes as they dry, and I stand them upside-down against a wall, on a towel. These brushes stand up to washing very well, because of their fluffy Taklon bristles, which are synthetic and cruelty-free. I actually love washing them, because I know they are rid of bacteria and sebum, and they always smell lovely from the baby shampoo.

Overall, I think its fair to say I am obsessed with Real Techniques brushes. They make me feel confident in my own abilities, and apply my makeup beautifully. These brushes were the best investment I've ever made, when it comes to make-up.

I am an expert on my own make-up, thanks to these brushes, and Sam Chapman!

Real Techniques brushes are available in Boots nationwide, and from their website, You can check out Real Techniques on Youtube too, and Pixiwoo, the channel of Sam and Nic Chapman.