Tuesday, 27 August 2013

September Beauty Blog Challenge

So as most of you know, I took part in Girl Friday's June Beauty Blog Challenge. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and made it through, despite my dad being rushed into hospital somewhere in the middle of it. I stuck it out, 30 days and 30 posts.

You can imagine my excitement when our lovely Challenge Mistress posted the link to her September Beauty Blog Challenge on Twitter. This challenge will be a mix of beauty and lifestyle posts, to break it up a bit, especially since 30 days of beauty is going to alienate the male readers out there.

Originally, I was going to try to vlog one half of the topics, and blog the other half (making it a total of 60), but I have since realized that would be a crushing amount of work and I do have a Double FITA to organize and run amidst all this, so I will be sticking to blogging for the most part.

If you would like to keep up to date with the challenge posts on Twitter, you will find us under the hashtag #SBBC

The topics I will be doing are as follows:

  1. Intro- What do you hope to achieve? Why?
  2. Favorite eye palette?
  3. What you bring travelling?
  4. Positives about blogging.
  5. A recipe
  6. Travel dreams.
  7. Fantasy dinner party.
  8. Letter to someone from your past.
  9. Ways to incorporate color into your look.
  10. Beauty pet peeves
  11. How did your blog get its name?
  12. Life advice to a younger person
  13. DIY beauty
  14. Post you are proudest of?
  15. "Beauty things I suck at" tag
  16. Things I love
  17. A photo from your day
  18. Who/What inspires you?
  19. €250 to spend...How do you spend it?
  20. 10 things under €10
  21. Advice to others about blogging
  22. A quote you love
  23. Hints & Tips
  24. Brand highlight (Things they do well & not so well)
  25. Icon? Who and Why?
  26. Beauty history: Your successes and failures?
  27. A song you love
  28. In 5 years I will be...
  29. Era you wish you could have lived in?
  30. Reflection.
As with the June Beauty Blog Challenge, I will be adding a link to each of these points, so by the 1st of October, I'll have 30 more live links for ease of access! 

I cant wait to see what the rest of you come up with for this challenge! 
See you in September, ladies!!