Tuesday, 3 September 2013

#SBBC Day 3: What You Bring Travelling

I'm not one to travel far, mostly just to Dundalk to spend weekends with Chris, the odd shoot down the country, that kind of thing! I have gotten the art of packing down to a fine art, but instead of boring you with the necessities, I'll just list 5 things I couldn't travel without.

1. Make Up 

I wouldn't ever leave for Dundalk without my makeup and brushes. I always pack up the essentials, and I seem to have gotten good at minimizing the weight of my makeup bag. I will always bring my foundation and powder, then my Look Cheeky Trio, and an eye palette. Lately I've been obsessed with my Urban Decay Naked Basics. I also bring an eyeliner pen, a white eye pencil and a couple of lipsticks. That way, I can create any kind of look, with minimal products!

2. Brush Kit

Wherever my make-up goes, my brushes follow. I have to have my brushes, at least that way I can create any look, for any possible outing. I bring my brushes in a pencil case, that way they are kept clean and safe. I also bring a mini bottle of baby shampoo to clean my foundation brush when I'm not at home. I am a self confessed germophobe, and well... foundation brushes are known for their germ collecting abilities. Enough said!

3. A Book/My Kindle

Chris and I love to read and more often than not, we will sit together and read. So when I go to Dundalk, I always bring whatever I'm currently reading. I'm still trooping through Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy at the moment... It's what I can only describe as a tome.

4. Lacto-Free Milk

Anytime I travel I will bring either my little Lacto-Free pyramids (one cup of tea per portion) or a mini carton of Alpro Soya. Being lactose-intolerant means that I have to remember things that most people don't have to, like milk, yogurt and soy butter. Ho-hum, that's life!

5. My Tablet and Hard Drive

The one problem with having a semi long-distance relationship is the travelling to see each other. Usually before I go anywhere I load up my tablet, charge it fully and them pop it in my handbag for the commute. I also bring my hard drive because I have a bunch of movies on it, and sometimes Chris's brother slows the internet so we can't use Netflix, so it's a handy back up, just in case.

Those are some of the things I bring travelling. What do you bring? Comment down below, I'd love to hear!