Monday, 16 September 2013

#SBBC Day 16: Things I Love

Hey Guys!

Today is "Things I Love" so lets get started! I happen to love a lot of things...

I love being in love. That is my favourite thing. I am so content and safe in my relationship and I love it. Chris keeps me safe and helps me remember to be brave. I wouldn't be going back to college without his gentle nudging to at least apply and see what came of it.

Archery. The most infuriating sport to even come along. When its great its unparalleled, but when its awful it makes me want to slit my wrists. I love it though. 80% of the people I call friends are archers! While the sport itself may be infuriating, and I may be finding it hard to get back to my peak, the down-time, the jokes and the general mischief involved in being an archer is hard to beat.

My Naked Basics palette. It's been the best €26 that I have spent in a long while. I can do so much with it, from day to night, it makes creating a beautiful look so easy! I would recommend it to anyone.

Other things I love include:

DVD Boxsets,
Lyons Tea,
Vanilla Alpro Yogurt,
Brown Sauce on Bacon sambos,
Black Skinny-Jeans,
My childhood Teddy-Bear,
My iPhone,
Penneys Scarves,

What do you love??